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    What Am I Riddles

    1. The more there is, the less you see. Riddle me this, what could I be? 2. Were five little items of an everyday sort, youll find us all in a tennis court. What are we? 3. I am greater than God, more evil than the devil. Poor people have me, rich people want me. If you eat me youll die, what am I?Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. What am I riddles are fun for all ages, from young children to highly educate adults. Occasionally challenging your kids with them is an enjoyable way to keep their mind active and its a nice change from the daily grind of the classroom learning datmixloves.comted Reading Time: 3 mins.

    What am I? What am I riddles are fun for all ages, from young children to highly educate adults. Doctors, lawyers and even riddlee are known to enjoy one or two from time to time. As fun as it is trying to guess what am I answers, it can be quite funny being the asker and listening to the wide variety of crazy and riddless solutions some people come up with.

    These brain teasers work best when they really make you think, without being too hard or complicated. The perfect difficulty will, of course, vary from person to person depending on age and problem solving ability.

    They need to have an aura of ridles around them, often using descriptions that seem to contradict each other as seen in our first example above. To be a true riddle, however, it does indeed have to make perfect sense when the correct who am I answer is deciphered. We have many riddles for you to try to guess the correct what am I answers down below. Take your time and enjoy.

    When they miss one you can have a bit of fun by bragging that you got it in 5 seconds qhat even if it took you If you have a friend with you right now you can go through our riddles together and see who can correctly answer the most brain teasing puzzles. Happy solving! You throw away my outside, you cook my inside. Then you eat my outside and you throw away how to make money with whaff inside.

    I won't break if you throw me off from the highest building but I will break if you place me in the ocean. I fly away as soon as you set me loose. People around you may slowly move away once they sense my presence. The more you have me the less you see.

    Shine a light on me and I flea. What force and strength cannot get through, I with my unique teeth can do. Advanced features of this website require that you enable JavaScript in your browser.

    Thank you! I am a nut with a hole. Show Answer. Share super hero squad how to get venom Facebook Share. Share on Twitter Tweet. People need me yet they give me away every day.

    What Am I Riddles

    Feb 17, When it comes to riddles for kids, What Am I? riddles provide a fun, engaging datmixloves.com we love the most about What Am I? riddles is that they get kids thinking differently. They not only get the kids brains moving theyre also a Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. Mar 15, Hard What Am I? Riddles. Hard riddles provide a challenge because they either have longer clues which take a few moments to read and think about, or they have an unexpected answer. Our list should really cause even the best riddle solver a few that seem unsolvable. I am a word of five letters and people eat me.

    Try experimenting in the laboratory with these science riddles or concoct some spooky potions with some witches and Frankenstein using our Halloween riddles. If you are looking for ways to challenge your kids or students, these what am I riddles for kids will be perfect. If kids are not interested, they will not pay attention and, therefore, not learn.

    But kids love riddles! The riddles above are primarily tailored to be what am I riddles for adults, but could also be used for older or more advanced kids.

    However, below are the perfect riddles for kids what am I style. Your kids or students will also love these riddles for kids.

    What Am I Riddles by Dr. Stretch your mind and see if you can identify the tricky answers contained within these hard and funny what am I riddles for kids and adults. Riddles are great exercise for the mind and can teach children critical thinking skills such as inductive and deductive reasoning.

    These what am I riddles and answers are especially good at engaging the mind in analysis, evaluation and problem solving. Below you will find a collection of what am I riddles with answers followed by some what am I riddles for kids which are more suitable for young minds.

    What Am I Riddles with Answers. I am a ball that can be rolled, but never bounced or thrown. What am I? Show Answer Eyeball.

    Show Answer Water. Show Answer A balloon. People come visit me but rarely stay long. I can be clean but am often very dirty.

    People usually reveal to me a part of them that they rarely show others. Show Answer A toilet. You find me once in the morning, twice in the afternoon but never in the evening. Show Answer The letter O. Like smiling? You probably do. Check out these super funny riddles.

    I can be broken or attacked, I can be clogged or crushed, I can be given and I can be kept, sometimes I am warm and other times I am cold. Show Answer A heart. Sometimes I go backwards but often I go forward, I can trip, I can dance. Show Answer Feet. What is it? Show Answer A cup. I can be beady, I can be deep set, I can be a ball, I can be watery and twenty-twenty. Show Answer An eye. I can be late, I can be early, I can be astronomical or atomic and my insides are incredibly complex.

    Show Answer Clock. I can be sweet or not so much, I have nice curves and from my name you might think I make a ringing sound. Show Answer A bell pepper. Show Answer The moon. Hmmm, if you made it down here, you must like these what am I riddles. Why not check out our who am I riddles? I am sometimes powerful, I am sometimes complex or deep, I can be blind, lost, or profound. Show Answer Love. I am a beer, however many kids drink me and do not get drunk. Show Answer Root beer. I can grow quickly and I can die slowly, I can be a terrible pain or a comfort and joy.

    You never find me all by myself. Show Answer A relationship. I am said to be only one dimensional, and as itty bitty as can be, some say I am the basis of all that we see. Show Answer A string from String Theory. Even though they seem to be sad people still cut me so bad. Show Answer An onion. What Am I Riddles for Kids If you are looking for ways to challenge your kids or students, these what am I riddles for kids will be perfect.

    White and sparkly I can be, fluffy and soft, kids make angels out of me. Show Answer Snow. I can jump, I can climb, I swing from tree to tree with my many legs and I make a house much bigger than myself. Show Answer Spider. I have some branches, but I am without a trunk, leaves or fruit. Show Answer A bank. I get dirty, I get clean, I can be delicate, I can be rough.

    People often shake me or smack me against my own kind. Show Answer Hands. People look forward to my coming, they light lights for me, they celebrate me, they often take a break and rest when I arrive and some say I am the most important thing all year. Show Answer Christmas. Show Answer A rooster. You can call me curly, you can call me bald, you call me gray and shaggy, long or short. Show Answer Hair.

    Round and round I go never stopping in a continuous flow. I hang out with numbers each and every day and nothing ever gets in my way. Show Answer The hands of a clock. Check out our cool riddles for teens. I can be angled, I can be arched, I can be raised, bushy and plucked, and women spend a lot of time perfecting me. Show Answer Eyeybrows. Show Answer An apple product iPhone, iPad, etc.

    They provide for you, they keep you safe, we celebrate them every June. What are they? Show Answer Dads. Sometimes my face is round or square, but you may even see me with a hexagonal face. I have 3 hands and I strike all sorts of digits.

    I can be white, I can be dark grey, I can be luminous or ominous, bright or dark and people like to store all sorts of things in me.

    Show Answer A cloud. I am a stick combined with a sweetness ball. Show Answer Lollipop. If you give me a letter I will not keep it long, boxes help pay my salary and I travel so much but never very far. Show Answer A postman. You made it to the bottom of the page? In addition to what am I riddles hard riddles can really push the limits of your mind.

    Please share them with those who you think will enjoy and appreciate them. Spread the love :. Search for:.


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