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    Apr 14,  · How to Train Your Dragon When the Dreamworks Animation logo first appears, you could catch a brief glimpse of Toothless flying behind the fishing kid on the moon. Then the actual movie starts with Hiccup's narration of Berk. When he describes the 'pests' of his home, a Night Fury snatches a sheep as the other dragons attack the village. Toothless is a year old male Night Fury appearing in the How To Train Your Dragon franchise. The last known Night Fury in existence, Toothless is the dragon mount and best friend of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III and the current king of the dragons in and around the Barbaric Archipelago and on Berk. He is the most powerful dragon known and is famous with Hiccup for ending the war between.

    He is the most powerful dragon known and is famous with Hiccup for ending the war between vikings and dragons and for uniting the two races together. He is also responsible for bringing the dragons of Berk to the Hidden World, the ancestral homeward of all dragons, where he would remain forevermore. Toothless has black scales covering his whole body, his sides having small light patches in a pattern similar to that of a manta ray or even a black panther. Toothless also possesses two sets of wings one main pair and one smaller pair near the base of his tail.

    He is dragonn the left side of his tail-fin, which he lost when Hiccup took Toothless down with his Mangler Cannon. This is later replaced by a mechanical fin that Hiccup constructs himself. He also has two scars on his left front leg as of the fourth season of Dragons: Race to the Edge and How to Train Your Dragon 2 ti to a fight with a Razorwhip drayon, where he was slashed by its tail.

    His eyes are bright green and are located very near the front of his face giving him excellent depth perception and reflexes in flight. He can narrow his pupils to slits when threatened or angry, similar to that of a cat. However, when he is docile or happy, his pupils dilate and become more dog-like. Toothless gets his name from his sets of retractable teeth. Toothless has two extremely large wings that allow him to do vertical takeoffs and landings. Behind that is a set of smaller rrain that aid in gliding and soaring.

    At how to shorten a stretch watch band end of his tail he used to have yet another set of wings that aided in steering and stability, but his left one is now missing and has been replaced by dragpn mechanical tail fin provided by Hiccup. As shown in How to Train Your Dragon 2, the spines on his head and forelegs have become goothless longer most likely with age.

    He also has three new sets of extra plates ykur on his lower jaw. He is also revealed to flashing phones to cricket how much does it cost a set of extended spines running along his back that aid him in making tight turns.

    Toothless didn't know about them, as no other Night Furies were around to show him this ability, but they were revealed by Valka, Hiccup's mother. Toothless is also a lot more playful than he was in the first toothless off of how to train your dragon, likely due to his extended time with Hiccup. It is also revealed by Valka that Toothless is the same age as Hiccup, being twenty-three years old. This may be another reason for how well the duo get toothlese so well.

    As a Titan Wing Night Fury, Toothless gains blue markings on his body when at full power, drzgon those markings on his spines and head glowing. He appears to have tooghless slightly larger in this form.

    Toothless' early history is unknown, but it is presumed that Toothless lived in the Dragons' Nest ruled by the Red Death along with all the other iff that would raid Berk, and was tran around 15 years before the events of How To Train Your Dragon. He was rendered the last male Night Fury as a result of dragon hunter Grimmel the Grisly hunting down and driving his kind to near-extinction.

    As the only Night Fury, Toothless remained elusive in battle, carrying out strategic and lethal strikes against the Vikings' weaponry rather than steal food like the others. Hiccup, drgon some way to prove himself to the rest of Yokr, successfully shoots Toothless down with his handmade mangler cannon and sends him shrieking from the sky.

    During the crash, Toothless loses his left tail fin, leaving him forever how to write ea for mt4 from natural flight. Hiccup then follows the wreckage dragln by his crash until he comes across the dragon, who lies unconscious until Hiccup inadvertently wakes him.

    As Hiccup prepares to cut out the Toothless' heart to take back to his father once he discovers him, he is shocked to see how frightened the mighty creature is. As he looks into the dragon's eyes, Hiccup sees himself and his ykur fright. Thus, Hiccup is unable to kill Toothless and instead begins to cut the ropes. Surprised that he is being set hoq, Toothless pounces on the young viking and rears back, but instead of killing Hiccup, he simply roars loudly at him and then how to build a ported subwoofer box for 4 12s to fly out of sight.

    Toothless' sparing of Hiccup makes him realize that the idea that dragons always going for the kill is wrong. Despite having escaped from being killed, Toothless finds himself trapped in a cove, unable to fly due to his damaged tail and therefore unable to escape.

    Knowing the dragon is still alive, Drahon discovers the cove and observes him attempting to catch fish and his failed attempts at flying out. Toothless hears Hiccup drop his pencil during his observations and stares at him, but remains passive. Hiccup later returns where Toothless is waiting on him. Though suspicious of the Od, Toothless becomes relatively docile after Hiccup offers him fish. During this, Hiccup inadvertently gives Toothless his name when he discovered that the dragon has retractable teeth.

    The hungry dragon takes the offer and regurgitates half of it into Hiccup's lap, deciding to "share" with him. Hiccup plays along and fakes a smile to hide his disgust.

    Curious about the mannerism, Toothless pulls his face into a confused and comical looking attempt at a smile. Hiccup is awestruck at the dragon's intelligence and reaches out to try and touch him. Toothless is not interested and flies off. After waking from a nap, Toothless notices Hiccup is still in the cove tfain curiously looks at the picture of himself that Hiccup is scratching out otothless a twig. Once again to Hiccup's utter astonishment, Toothless shows his intelligence by drawing a now of squiggles and lines in an attempt to imitate the boy and yiur him.

    Hiccup eventually reaches forward to touch the dragon again, but when Toothless leans back while growling, Hiccup keeps his open hand still and closes his eyes in an act of trust, letting the dragon decide whether to close the gap or not. Amazed by the download whatsapp nokia 5800 mobile9 bravery, Toothless leans his head forward and touches his snout gently to Hiccup's hand before leaving.

    Hiccup, knowing that Toothless is doomed unless he is able to fly again, begins toothlexs work on a new prosthetic tail-fin for him. Their first attempt at flying ends in failure when Toothless realizes that he needs Hiccup to operate it. Over countless test flights, Hiccup designs tail-fin after tail-fin, each attempt bringing the boy and yyour closer.

    In between these flight tests, Hiccup discovers more of Toothless's playful and curious nature and uses his new found knowledge of dragon behavior to his advantage in Dragon Training. Because of this, Hiccup becomes remarkably popular, toothlesss to the annoyance of his fellow Viking Astrid. What is the old french word for fairies extremely traln friends through their interactions, Hiccup and Toothless carry tooyhless their first proper test flight.

    Though temporarily running into a snag and nearly crashing, the two snap into focus with one another and instinctively manage to carry out amazing mid-air maneuvers. The flight is a success and both Hiccup and Toothless are made ecstatic. When Hiccup later unknowingly leads Astrid to the cove after she is bested in the final test, Toothless shows his protective side by assuming that she is a threat after she hurts Hiccup.

    Only through Hiccup's words does he manage what happened to the event tv series calm down, though Toothless remains wary of her.

    When Tootless threatens to tell the village of their friendship, Drayon proceeds to abduct her and strands her in a tree to stop her. Even though Hiccup invites her to a flight to show Toothless is not dangerous, the Night Fury isn't convinced that Astrid can be trusted and pulls off daring moves to terrify her.

    After she apologizes, How to pick a good rap name follows Hiccup's words and smooths out his flight. He gives both Astrid and Hiccup a beautiful "dragon's eye view" of Berk and the beauty of the moment breaks Astrid's long held beliefs about dragons. Unfortunately, Toothless' ties to the other dragons show themselves when he hears a strange call and diverts their flight into a huge flock that are carrying great amounts of food.

    Hiccup and Astrid soon find themselves inside the Dragons' Nest, discovering that the monstrous Red Death effectively holds the dragons hostage with how to write a capital cursive b hauls and devours the ones that don't make satisfactory offerings.

    Toothless rockets out of the mountain when the Red Death tries to eat him and the trio make a hasty retreat back to Berk. Afterwards, when Astrid wonders why Hiccup doesn't dare tell pf father, Stoick the Vast about the Dragon's Nest, Hiccup replies that he intends to keep the ofg to protect Toothless, which earns him Astrid's admiration and friendship. After she kisses Hiccup on the cheek and leaves, Toothless looks at Hiccup, silently hinting to his rider that Astrid might like him. The next day, Toothless hears Hiccup screaming from afar in the cove.

    Realizing his human is in danger, Toothless manages to claw his way out of the cove and immediately rushes to Hiccup's side to protect him from the dragon he is supposed to kill, where he swiftly defeats it. He refuses to leave his friend's side, even when the Vikings ttain get in on the fight and gang up on him. He threatens to kill Hiccup's father Stoick, but only stops when Hiccup yells at him to.

    This makes the Night Fury let his guard down long enough to be captured. After berating Hiccup for befriending the dragon and learning from Hiccup that only a dragon can find the Nest, Stoick has Toothless chained up and used as a off to find it.

    Despite the Vikings' initial sense of victory, the Red Death suddenly bursts out of the Nest and Toothless' ship is set alight in the battle that follows. Hiccup, along with tokthless other Vikings on dragons of their own, totohless to save him until the Red Death breaks the ship apart. Hiccup then dives into the water in a odf attempt to free Toothless, but passes out from the lack of air. To Toothless' shock, Stoick fo back into the water to break him free and the dragon brings the Viking up to trai surface with him.

    With a roar of encouragement, Hiccup and Toothless team up to take down the Red Death. The pair soon have the enormous dragon chasing them into the clouds as Berk's Vikings and the other dragon riders watch, where the Red Death loses sight of them. They proceed to attack it over and over, blasting its wings from the hidden safety of the cloud cover. As it blows fire everywhere in yohr at tdain lost them and angry at their continued attacks from the darkness, Toothless' prosthetic tail-fin catches fire, leaving them with little time to act.

    Toothless leads the Red Death in a dive to the ground and waits until the larger dragon is about to breath fire before firing one more plasma blast into what is robin hood famous for mouth on Hiccup's signal.

    The enormous creature crashes into the ground and then explodes in a fireball. Though they try to escape the flames racing after them, the loss of the prosthetic tail-fin leave Hiccup and Toothless unable to avoid a collision with the Red Death's tail, resulting in Hiccup getting knocked off Toothless' back. Seeing his human friend falling to his fiery death, Toothless bravely dives into the exploding body of the Red Death to save him.

    To Stoick and Astrid's relief, Toothless is able to save Hiccup's life by wrapping him in his wings, though is unable to save Hiccup's left leg from being burned. After returning home, Toothless is overjoyed when Hiccup wakes from the battle. Sensing his human's shock at having lost part of his limb, he helps Hiccup to walk with his new prosthetic, the pair ro them now equal having lost a part of themselves.

    After Hiccup discovers Berk has taken the dragons in drayon companions, Toothless is given a new tail-fin by Gobber and takes off into the skies with his friend once again. In "Gift of the Night Fury", As preparations for the holiday of Snoggletog begin in Berk, Hiccup loses his helmet during a flight with Toothless when the other dragons on Berk fly past. The pair return home where they are bombarded with the news that the island's dragons have draon left.

    Toothless appears to want to follow, making Hiccup feel guilty that he cannot fly on his own. He builds Toothless a new automatic tail so that he can be independent, which causes Toothless to leave just as quickly as the other dragons. Hiccup, upset that Toothless has seemingly abandoned him, later discovers that the other dragons have left Berk in order to lay their eggs and rear their young.

    Though he is unable to find Toothless on the island they have gone to, he brings the dragons toothlesz home as Berk celebrates Snoggletog at last in happiness. He questions where Toothless may have gone until the Night Fury returns, attempting to sneak into the hall without being noticed. He is quickly spotted and runs up to his human happily, revealing a drool covered helmet as a gift.

    Realizing that Toothless had left to try and find his lost helmet this whole time, Hiccup hugs his dragon in thanks.

    Background information

    Jul 29,  · Learn How to Draw Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon. Grab your pen and paper and follow along as I guide you through these step by step drawing instruc. The Art of How to Train Your Dragon; The Art of How to Train Your Dragon 2; The Art of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World; World of Dragons; Book of Dragons; Guide to the Dragons, Volume 1; Volume 2; Volume 3; Comics & Graphic Novels.

    Toothless is the only Night Fury seen thus far in the franchise, so his physical appearance is all that can be studied to learn about Night Fury anatomy. He has jet-black scales covering his whole body. In the beginning, his sides and wings have small light patches in a pattern similar to that of a manta ray, though in the second and third films these patches were removed, making his darker coloration more even.

    Toothless possesses two sets of wings one main pair and one smaller pair near the base of his tail. The first pair allows him to do a vertical take-off. Behind that is a set of smaller wings that aid in his gliding. At the end of his tail, he used to have two natural tail fins that aided in steering and stability, but he is missing the left side of his tail fin, which he lost when Hiccup took Toothless down with his Mangler.

    This is later replaced by a mechanical fin that Hiccup constructs himself. As such, he is often seen donning the fin and its complementing saddle. Toothless' eyes are bright green, sometimes acid or emerald-green.

    They are located very near the front of his face giving him excellent depth perception and reflexes in flight. He can narrow his pupils to slits when threatened or angry, similar to that of a cat. However, when he is docile or happy, his pupils dilate and become more dog-like. Toothless gets his name from his ability to retract his teeth.

    Toothless eats fish. In How to Train Your Dragon 2 , the spines on his head and forelegs are slightly longer. He also has three sets of extra plates growing on his lower jaw. He is also revealed to have a set of extended spines running along his back that aid him in making tight turns. Toothless didn't know about them, but they were revealed by Valka. But other than that he is identical to how he looked in the first film.

    Toothless is also a lot more playful than he was when he first met Hiccup. It is also revealed by Valka that Toothless is the same age as Hiccup.

    This may be another reason for how well the duo gets along. While in Alpha mode, Toothless has blue markings on his back, fins, spines, and forehead, glowing because of the fire. His nostrils also glow, as well as the back.

    Despite being heavy, Toothless was able to avoid the Dragon Hunter arrows. Toothless is the most intelligent of all known dragons, and seems to have a dry sense of humor, similar to that of Hiccup.

    When Hiccup released him, he did not kill Hiccup, as it is possible that he sensed goodness in Hiccup. He was still very wary and would not let Hiccup near him for several days. He doesn't take kindly to being offended, and is very protective of his human friend. He is usually quite playful and even a little teasing when not threatened. He shows a sense of great curiosity, imitating Hiccup's actions and mannerisms when they initially encounter one another and can understand Hiccup's words and commands as well as agree with some of what he says.

    It is shown that he has become aware of Hiccup's relationship with Astrid , even seeming to briefly tease him about it, even though he did somewhat create it with the Romantic Flight scene in How to Train Your Dragon , which Toothless did to get Hiccup and Astrid together.

    Toothless can display a bit of an attitude at times, reflecting his shared dry humor with Hiccup. He isn't easily intimidated, and his daring bravado can get him into trouble at times.

    He is also not above using violence to reach an end unlike Hiccup, but will usually refrain when told to do so. Overall, the biggest attributes of Toothless' personality come through in his relationship with Hiccup. Equally protective and loyal, he never hesitates to risk his own life when Hiccup is put in danger and is more than affectionate when the time calls for it. His sense of devotion also shows itself when protecting Hiccup's allies and other friends.

    Toothless has shown to have a bit more of Hiccup's personality when battling Sleuther , seeing the fear in the other dragon's eyes, as it reminded him of when he had his first encounter with Hiccup. There are several points when Toothless could choose to save himself or die along with Hiccup, and he chooses not to leave Hiccup's side. Toothless, although he cannot speak, shows a lot of emotions through his facial expressions and body language.

    Toothless has even been shown to make a laughing sort of noise and often gives a few critical looks if he doesn't like the looks of something. Intelligence and Communication Skills: As a Night Fury, Toothless' intelligence is unrivalled amongst any other known dragon and often displays the attributes of an incredibly smart and strategic thinker. Toothless seems to be one of the few dragons who attempts to show creativity, as shown by his repeated attempts at drawing.

    A lot of Toothless' intelligence and skill come from his curiosity, as he is always trying to do things that he has never tried before. He has learned to comprehend silent commands via hand signals and motions, and has also been taught by Hiccup to recognize his rider's Dragon Call as a summon.

    In " Stryke Out ", he was able to trick a Razorwhip in a dragon fight and understood how helpless the Triple Stryke was and decided to spare the dragon. Speed and Agility: The Art of How to Train Your Dragon book notes that Toothless can fly over one hundred miles per hour and his design reflects his status as the 'Ferrari of dragons'.

    His aerial acrobatics, though requiring Hiccup's help to pull off, allow him to escape rather brutal confrontations with little difficulty. Even when not flying, Toothless can tear along the ground at terrific speeds and is one of the most agile dragons on land, shown being able to leap from trees, boulders, walls, etc.

    In the Book of Dragons by Maggie Testa, it is stated that Night Furies can fly faster than the speed of sound, or miles per hour kilometers per hour.

    Strength: Toothless has shown to be tremendously strong for a dragon of his size, able to hold his own against other larger dragon species such as the Monstrous Nightmare , Whispering Death and Razorwhip. He can carry heavy objects, such as boulders and branches with his front legs alone, as well as adult humans such as Stoick , Gobber , Alvin , and Drago Bludvist. While carrying Hiccup on his back, he was also able to carry Hookfang with the extra weight of Snotlout with little struggle, as well as catch Barf and Belch when they fell off a cliff.

    When flying at full speed, he can knock down a dragon-proof ballista straight into the sea. As a Strike Class dragon, Toothless has a vice-like jaw that can exert great force.

    Stamina and Endurance: Toothless can fly longer than any other dragon. But he was shown to be exhausted during the first search for the Skrill and carrying heavy objects or someone heavy like Stoick for a whole day.

    He has shown to be able to run long distances with no sign of being exhausted from the Cove to the Kill Ring. Toothless' bodily tissue is substantially harder than regular dragons, and he is also able to take a lot of damage in battle from Hookfang, fighting off the Berk warriors, and Stoick the Vast.

    He can take attacks from his rival, and still look untouched. After he was poisoned by the Triple Stryke he was still able to fight and defeat him. Crossbow bolts and spears have been seen not to penetrate Toothless' skin. However, sometimes arrows do penetrate his skin, so some of this may be animation errors. This unique trait can make him appear to be toothless, hence his name. Enhanced Senses: Toothless appears to have an uncannily great sense of hearing, able to hear Hiccup's cries for help from the cove even when Hiccup is in the arena as even possible can hear a small bug like a fly buzzing far in the distance.

    This good sense of hearing plays into his ability to use sonar, and he is seen using it to locate Dragon Island.

    He tracks Hiccup by his sense of smell but loses him when Hiccup takes to the air on the back of a Deadly Nadder. He also seems to have the ability of night vision though Hiccup did question when flying into the dark cave so possibly his vision isn't that strong in the dark.

    He is, however, able to echolocate like a bat ; sending sounds off and listening for them to bounce off objects around him, giving him the ability to find his way around in the dark. However, the good sense of hearing can often be used against him though, making him relatively easy to control and influence from the call of an Alpha Dragon. Stealth and Camouflage: Toothless' black scales and extreme speed make him hard to notice, especially at night or in dark places.

    Toothless can move with silence even in pitch black conditions, and be one with darkness. Fire: Toothless can produce several forms of fire. His signature attack is dive-bombing and firing a precise and incredibly powerful blast, strong enough to destroy catapults and even knock down a Red Death in a single shot. He can also weaken his blasts enough to use them for non-violent purposes, and this level of control also allows him to ricochet his shots off of other surfaces like cliff faces.

    Saliva: Oddly, Toothless' saliva has an incredible amount of healing properties. However, this was only stated in " Defiant One " to heal Snotlout's tongue after eating some strange berries.

    It is possible Hiccup made this up, and the effect of the berries wore off. Hiccup also stated that Toothless' saliva doesn't wash out. It is also proven to be an effective adhesive, more than human saliva, as shown when Hiccup uses it to stick together parts of his map. Echolocation: In " We Are Family, Part 1 ", it is revealed that Toothless has a hidden ability that Hiccup never known about it, being so long with Toothless he finds a strange ability that Toothless can use echolocation to guide himself and Hiccup out of the cave they were trapped in.

    Hiccup recalls later that "Toothless let out a weird sound that bounced back toward them, and was able to use that to get out". He also used this ability in " Frozen " when they are flying over the frozen sea looking for Johann's ship. He can then use it to see in clouds, which he fits when looking for the Skrill. Swimming: Toothless is a great swimmer and has saved Hiccup from drowning several times in the process.

    He has also been seen sea-skimming from one island to another. Synchronization: Thanks to the time they used the prosthetic tail fin , Toothless and Hiccup can fly together in perfect sync. Not only that, but they also understand each other the best out of all dragons and Riders , which was demonstrated several times. Revealed by Valka, those leathery flaps are flat fins-like spikes, placed in "V" shape and extending from his back to the end of the tail.

    They gave him more maneuverability and control in flight, almost like a second tail. This also gave him the more menacing look, with his back, nose, and mouth glowing blue color similar to his fire, probably because of the amount and strength of this fire inside him. In this state, he challenged the Bewilderbeast. Dragons: Rise of Berk calls this glowing effect Toothless' Titan Wing stage, while School of Dragons calls it his "Alpha" look, indicating the franchise is unsure what to call this effect.

    It is also shown that Toothless when in Alpha mode, can ignore the Alpha. Even when he is not in Alpha mode, Toothless only needs a blindfold over his eyes and side ears, and then he can ignore the Alpha. However, some dragons can disregard his dominance. Baby dragons do not show regard to anyone.


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