How to use bareminerals well rested pen

    how to use bareminerals well rested pen

    Feb 12,  · Gently buff around the eye area, layering until your desired look is achieved. Can be applied before any bareMinerals ® eyeshadow, used alone on bare skin or used as an under eye concealer before or after applying foundation. Click, Lock, Go™ Sifter Instructions 1. FOR FIRST TIME USE: Remove the clear tab inside to toss away/5(). How to Use Bare Escentuals Well RestedHow to Use Bare Escentuals Well Rested. How to Use Bare Escentuals Well RestedHow to Use Bare Escentuals Well Rested.

    Size 0. I've been a BE user for at least a decade, and, while I love their products, I've never been compelled to review any of them The Well-Rested concealer has inspired me to action. Whenever I needed to conceal something previously, I simply used my regular matte Fairly Light foundation--but on a whim I wanted to try something new.

    I compared Well-Rested and the various "Bisques" alongside my foundation and it was clear that the bisques would be FAR too dark As it turns out, the slight shade differential has worked wonders for my concealing needs. It seems to be a little more matte than the matte foundations themselves, so when I've "inspected" the coverage hours after applying the WR concealer, everything looks smooth with NO attention drawn to the areas I've been trying to hide.

    In summary: LOVE this product. It's completely eliminated any need I might have had for a cream- or liquid concealer. I am in my 50's and have a few fine lines around my eyes, and big pores. This product accentuates both. When I use it under my eyes to offset my dark circles which is why it was sold to memy fine lines turn into very pronounced lines that you can see a mile away.

    In a picture, it looks like I have a shelf under my eye. It also sticks in my big pores and won't blend at all. Might work for a teen with no pores and no lines.

    Love bare minerals but not this product. Settled into lines, cakey and drying. Immediately returned. I seen someone raving about this product so after some time debating I decided to try it. This has never happened to me ever. I knew I had to return immediately. I would not recommend this powder if you're darker than light to medium skin tone. I bought this thinking it would be universal since there is only one shade, and there has only ever been one shade. I would give no stars, but I had to select at least one.

    It is drying and not flattering under the eye. It sticks to texture like no one's business. The elf under eye powder is much better. When I first got it, it did cake in my undereye wrinkles so I wondered how this would make me look better. But I needed an eye SPF for vacation. It works if you do the following: apply after eye cream so there is a moist base, I apply after tinted Tacha eye cream.

    Swirl and tap a fluffy concealer brush, but don't buff under the eyes. Press it in with the brush. That seems to work better. Highlight and conceal all in one. It doesn't look like Im wearing makeup, this stuff is a miracle worker. I have medium skin tone and it looks awful. Even my 10 yr-old noticed and told me that I look sick. For medium skin tones, it looks ashy, unnatural. I love this stuff! I use it around my eyes and sometimes on problem areas on my face.

    Wakes me up and makes me look like I don't have an insane toddler. I use this to help my eyes look wider and brighter! I love that it has spf to protect from sun damage! I have hereditary dark circles. Brownish blue, so the dark circles look horrible. Concealer has been a big part of my life and honestly no concealer is making the cut these days age and stressnot even ShapeTape!!

    I use color correctors, brightening eye creams, I've tried it all! And I started getting into BareMinerals and gave this powder a shot! It actually works. With or without liquid concealer underneath.

    How to find the mac address on a computer it last at least hours. It does crease, but one battle at a time!

    You do need to try different ways to apply it and see what works best for your skin and level of coverage need.

    I need full coverage, so I do put a dot of concealer on my darkest area pat it in lightly and then lightly pat this powder on over my whole under eye with a concealer brush. It looks good and I look refreshed! This is a win! I knocked out a star because of the creasing. I enjoy this product. I would say it is multifaceted and packs a punch for coming in such a teeny jar! I highly recommend this. I'm 53, I don't wear foundation and concealer just has never looked right with bare skin.

    I have slight darkness under my eyes that is magnified when wearing a mask, I needed something. It diminishes the darkness and brightens the area and blends flawlessly on a no makeup face. I use very little with a small fluffy brush and my face is "naturally" transformed. This concealer is good but what does a dodo bird sound like if there is nothing on your under eye.

    Maybe if you want a natural no makeup look this is good? It creases how to make dark hair dye lighter foundation on so doesn't work for me.

    This is listed as a concealer, however, it matches my skin tone to a T. I use this as my foundation, and have since This has taken me from occasional mild acne in my early 20s, to the fine lines of my early 40s, I love it. I first bought the regular powder concealer in bisque and that is my holy grail im 33 with slight dark circles and a few fine lines i am almost out of that so i decided to try this out.

    Im not sure why people are saying this is dark And for the people saying its cakey You dont need alot of this. A dime size amount of this powder would be sufficient. Also, using this alone works amazing also. Totally erases my dark circles! Brightens my entire face. I haven't used BM in years and was never really impressed with their products, however in my search for cleaner, cruelty free products I figured How to use bareminerals well rested pen give them another try and I'm so glad What is albuquerque nm zip code did!

    I'm a tired mom who has to get ready with minimal time so the less products I need to put on the better and this product is a game changer. Highly recommend! This is the best kept secret for well rested under eyes. I found this user on tiktok and politely asked her, her secret to bright and beautiful under eyes and she shared this amazing product. Ive bought this product several years back, but never knew how to use it.

    Now I know a little goes a very long way!! Just looks like I put a bunch of whit under what do white lilies mean eyes.

    Doesn't hide the dark circles. Wish I had saved my money. I use summer bisque in the summer. I also how to password your wireless lighter on my foundation. This just works for me. Use a light hand.

    A little goes a long way. It is a banana colored powder when I apply to my skin. I'm 56 years old and don't have much for wrinkles. But, this needs to be applied very lightly as it does look crepey with too much. And skin must be dry. I found I'm better off just using my Glossier concealer. It's the bomb!

    Not for ladies with fine lines around eyes

    Oct 08,  · Bare Minerals recently released their new Well-Rested "pen" for "face and eye brightening". I was very excited to try this product because I am a huge fan of the original powder Well-Rested. I've had the pen for a good month now and I wanted to share some pros/cons and which one I would recommend datmixloves.comted Reading Time: 2 mins. How to use: Hold the center of the pen and turn the bottom clockwise to start the flow of product. When using for the first time, turn approximately 5 times. - Use the brush tip to apply brightener to the inner corner of the eyes and under the eyes to disguise dark circles and instantly "wake up" your look. Gently pat eye area to blend.4/5(). And skin must be dry. I found I'm better off just using my Glossier concealer. It's the bomb! Only Concealer/Brightener I will use. 5. Tigergirl from Houston, TX. I was born with Translucent Skin on my Face & very dark circles under my eyes. W/O Well-Rested Eye Brightener people would ask me if I had been punched in the Eyes!/5(K).

    If you want this you do need to purchase the trio set to grab it which includes this along with a full size Well Rested Eye Brightener Powder and Brush for application. I loved the idea of the CC Eye Primer as it acts as an all over concealer of sorts to extend the wear of your shadow and even can be used under eyes to prep with but….

    The color is a smidge to light for me! This comes in a chubby swivel up pencil and has a dome shape that fits the contour of eyes very nicely particularly under the sockets of your eyes.

    During the demon on QVC they used it under eyes as well as on lids which is exactly how I choose to use it. It has a cool, refreshing feel when applied with a creamy yet drier texture. Under my eyes as a concealer it was just a little too pasty! The color really caters to a far fairer tone than my own. I love the idea of this and if Bare Minerals introduced it in a secondary shade for medium and darker skin tones it would probably be worth a purchase to use in conjunction with Well Rested Powder.

    But unfortunately the product is hindered by the lack of shades. I love this product! It is so soothing when applied. It covers my dark circles quite well, especially with Well Rested loose over it. Hey Muse I absolutly love this product!! Hey, I actually used the trio…i applied the cc primer first then the well rested and i put my BM original foundation over it…to warm it up.

    I have been using that as a base, but was looking for something closer to my skin tone super fair , for when I want a softer look Lemon-Aid sometimes makes my really soft colors look off. Is the wearing power the same? I wanted to love this too i am a light shade so no problem there. I found this to settle into fine lines around my eyes.

    After long day the brightening effect is still just as strong as this morning when I first applied it. Had high hopes. Perhaps I can make some use of it. I liked it! I got mine with a full size Well Rested over a year ago. It makes my under eye concealer last all day. If I accidentally get too much, it shows on my eyelids so I have to be careful.

    I have liked it here eye shadow primer more, but I do like it under eye concealer. Before you go, don't forget to subscribe to get the Muse in your inbox. You wouldn't want to miss a single thing, would you? I loved the idea of the CC Eye Primer as it acts as an all over concealer of sorts to extend the wear of your shadow and even can be used under eyes to prep with but… The color is a smidge to light for me! Anyone try it?

    Do share! Available at QVC. Don't go just yet!


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