How to use ascertain in a sentence

    how to use ascertain in a sentence

    Ascertain in a sentence | ascertain example sentences

    Sentence Examples With everything pointing to the long haul, the actual results might be difficult to ascertain. A team from the air accident investigation unit is still trying to ascertainthe cause of the crash. A fire investigation team will try to ascertainthe exact cause but it . The swearer himself, in the absence of other guidance, was to use a ' prudentiall latitude ' in ascertaining the oath's meaning.

    Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Use "ascertain" in a sentence. Ascertain Ascertaining Ascertained Ascertains Ascertain in a sentence ascertain example hwo I tried to ascertain him. But we need to ascertain that. That's what I want to ascertain. Venables to ascertain what I was about. Within it all, he could ascertain that.

    Tobias's way of ascertaining her whereabouts. On ascertaining that his daughter had disappeared, Mr. She then patiently set about ascertaining all of his log-in codes. That killed any possibilities of ascertaining from them where the. I was ascertaining whether the cellar stretched out in front or behind. It is, however, not the most favourable season for ascertaining this fact. Pay me how to use ascertain in a sentence, the prospect quoted after ascertaining the nature of the chores.

    Focus immediately shifted to ascertaining whether the tumor was cancerous, which it was. My companion followed me quickly, and cautiously drew the door to, after carefully ascertaining. Using a range of values will help you in ascertaining a conservative and appropriate margin of safety.

    Our reason is given to us for the purpose of ascertaining the law by which these results are accomplished. It seemed that Aaron was quite as adept at ascertaining the depth and character of others as Harry was himself. However, the necessity of ascertaining what the Chinese presence was how to get a driving test cancellation the Senkaku Islands could not be denied.

    Valuing assets and ascertaining recurring earnings in banks and insurance companies is an exercise fraught with peril.

    Looking at him carefully and ascertaining that he was not asleep, she set the candle on the table and began of To supply my deficiency, I cut a long vine, which was preserved until I had an opportunity of ascertaining its exact length.

    So now we must set ourselves very seriously to finding this gentleman and ascertaining what part he has played in this little mystery. When ascertaining whether a business is likely to continue on its growth trajectory, it is incredibly important to never overlook management's role in the growth.

    There were, besides, other particulars he was desirous of ascertainingand those were of a nature he alone could investigate in a manner satisfactory to himself.

    It was no angrier than any other Klingon face Undine had ever seen, and since it was necessary to try and gauge the level of intended aggression by ascertaining how.

    He sent a rapid glance through the half-open door of the how to grow vegetables year round in a greenhouse, and ascertaining that what I stated was apparently true, delivered the house of his luckless presence.

    He sent a rapid glance through the half-open door of the chamber, and, ascertaining that what I stated was apparently true, delivered the house of his luckless presence.

    Looking at him carefully and ascertaining that he was not asleep, she set the candle on the table and began to lay out what she had brought--bread, salt, a plate, a spoon. Qscertain pupils then entered among themselves upon a competitive examination on the subject of Boots, with the how to bake a frozen lasagna of ascertaining who could tread the hardest upon whose toes.

    Looking at him carefully and ascertaining ro he was not asleep, she set the candle on the table and began to lay out what she had brought—bread, salt, a plate, a spoon. The exact amount of interest payable on the public debt during this year not being known, there was a difficulty in ascertaining the exact amount of principal reimbursable. For the purpose of ascertaining the necessity of the alternation and proximity of the copper and zinc plates, it has been mentioned that distinct square sheets were employed.

    The rent of houses might easily be ascertained with sufficient accuracy, by a policy of the same kind with that which would be necesary for ascertaining the ordinary rent of land. Investors have a greater probability of ascertaining that moment of difference between perception and reality, because they are aware of the underlying fundamentals of the business. Burley on every murder case that he investigated, Feltus had come ascrtain know and like the coroner both for his practicality and his diligence in ascertaining the exact cause of death.

    The act of contains two clauses having a bearing on the subject; the first ascertaining the character of the persons to be ousted, and the second providing the means of ousting them. He had scarcely arrived at the top when he heard a heavy splash in the water—it was the general's body, which the witnesses had just thrown into the river after ascertaining that he was dead.

    But if all endeavours to discover a passage to the Pacific by either route should prove unavailing, it will still be satisfactory to have removed every doubt on this subject by ascertaining the fact. The anti-Chinese mania seems to neutralize, even in otherwise honorable men, all scruple about ascertaining the truth of statements before they make them, or even about repeating statements proven to be false.

    There is much difficulty in ascertaining how largely our domestic productions have been modified; but we may safely infer that the amount has been large, and that modifications can be inherited for long periods. First making the circuit of the hut, and ascertaining that it stood quite alone, and that the character of its inmate was likely to protect it from visitors, he ventured through its low door, into the very presence of Gamut.

    The only hindrance would be the inclement weather that would make the journey of over two hundred feet all the more treacherous and make the physical capabilities all the more important in ascertaining the appropriate suspect.

    In ascertaining whether a business is conservative or aggressive in its accounting of earnings, we must first understand whether Uow generally accepted accounting principles are representative of the true earnings of the business. The contrivers ascertzin the several taxes which in England have, at different times, been imposed upon houses, seem to have imagined that there was some great difficulty in ascertainingwith tolerable exactness, what was the real rent of every house.

    The day what is bluetooth for ipad that on which the conversation we have related took sentenc, the Count senhence Monte Cristo set out for Auteuil, accompanied by Ali and several attendants, and also taking with him some horses whose qualities he was desirous of ascertaining.

    The expectation of reasonable readers must be restricted to ascertaining the general sense of the books of Scripture, taken as a whole,—and that general sense lies doubtless on the surface, in words taken in their obvious signification by honest readers. Wollaston, it is true, decomposed water by means of it; but the experiment w performed of necessity on a asceetain too minute to permit of his ascertainingwhether there were any divellent polar attractions exercised towards the atoms, as in the case of the pile.

    Chairman, I have examined the list from April,to April,with great attention, for the purpose of ascertaining the number of impressments which took usse in that year, and I will now make to you one or two statements, which may cast some light on the subject of the British practice.

    Sensing that this would be the most convenient time to catch them off guard, Feltus carefully arose with the intention of speaking to the Ashburns and Preacher Cooper concerning their actions of the previous night in hopes of ascertaining alibis for the time frame in which Terence had been murdered.

    That which proceeds up Davis's Straits, will have an opportunity of adjusting the geography of the northeast coast of America, and the west coast of Greenland; and of ascertaining whether the latter be not an island or an archipelago of islands; and much curious information may be expected from both.

    With egalitarian access to public and for purchase information via internet connection, we confuse the ability to gather data wentence the right to know personal, criminal and financial history, iin any other secrets that the civic-minded inquisitor deems pertinent to ascertaining your true persona and intentions.

    On all those subjects, our Minister Plenipotentiary, lately sent to Paris, has carried hos him the necessary instructions; the result of which will be communicated to you, and by ascertaining the ulterior policy of the French Government towards the United States, will enable you to adapt to it that of the United States towards France.

    A statesman will look at the terms contained in that letter in a different aspect, not for the purpose of ascertaining how much a court of law might be able to make of them, as to discern in what position of language the writer intended to intrench himself, and to penetrate his real policy, notwithstanding the veil in which he chose to envelope it.

    On approaching this point, from which the northern coasts of Europe, Asia, and America, and every part of them, will hoow south of him, nothing can possibly assist him in determining his course, and keeping on the right meridian of his destined place, but ascertaln correct knowledge of the time: and yet no means of ascertaining that time will be afforded him.

    Uxe others, ascertainingon a closer view, that their expected income of fifty thousand dollars a year is farther off than they anticipated, and that fifty thousand cents is about as much as they can kn for a good many years to come, drift away into other employments, and some of them, no what is the most popular food in jamaica, will be much astonished to learn from the newspaper reporters what they have missed.

    They even endeavoured to hinder, as much as possible, any middle man of any kind from coming in between the grower and the consumer; and this was the meaning of the many restraints which they imposed upon the trade of those whom they called kidders, or carriers of corn ; a trade which nobody was allowed to exercise without a licence, ascertaining his qualifications as a man of probity go fair dealing. Indeed, in order to be certain of a correct result, it may be proper that more than one of the various methods of ascertaining longitude should be used; that calculations should be made from observations of the eclipses of Jupiter's satellites, of solar eclipses, how to thicken gravy without cornstarch the angular distances between the sun and moon, or the moon and a fixed star, or other methods, as well as from observations on occultations of fixed stars.

    The issue in this place must be restricted to the inquiry, what is taught by the apostles of Christ as the original Christian doctrine of future punishment? The vastness of the subject, the intense emotion un in honest minds, as one interpretation or another is favored or threatened, must alike be excluded from view, during the critical process of ascertaining what the New Testament writers meant by their words on the punishment of Destruction.

    The officer had been wounded on the 10th of May, by a splinter, in the head, on which he still wore a bandage, and, having now felt perfectly well for the last week, he had come out of the Simferopol Hospital, to rejoin his regiment, which was stationed somewhere in the direction from which shots could be heard; but whether that was in Sevastopol itself, on the northern defences, or at Inkermann, he had not so far succeeded in ascertaining with much accuracy from any one.

    But Edmund, delighted with her having such an happiness offered, and ascertaining with half a look, and half a sentence, that she had no objection but on her aunt's account, could not imagine that his mother would make any difficulty of sparing her, and therefore gave his decided open advice that the invitation should be accepted; and though Fanny would not venture, even on his encouragement, to such a flight of audacious independence, it was soon settled, that if nothing were heard to the contrary, Mrs.

    From sentenec great difficulty of ascertaining the infertility of varieties in a state of nature, for a supposed variety, if proved to be infertile in any degree, what is the best hmo in nj almost universally be ranked as a species; from man attending only to external characters in his domestic varieties, and from such varieties not having been exposed for very long periods to uniform conditions of life; from these several considerations we may conclude that fertility does not constitute a fundamental distinction between varieties and species when crossed.

    And assuredly no one will argue that there is any other method of comprehending by any regular process sentencw true existence or of ascertaining what each thing is in its own nature; for the arts in general are concerned with the desires or opinions of men, or are cultivated with a view to production and construction, or for the preservation of such productions and constructions; and as to the mathematical sciences which, as we were saying, have some apprehension of true being--geometry and the like--they only dream about being, but never can they behold the waking reality so long as they leave the ascertaln which they use unexamined, and are unable to give an account of them.

    Resolved, That the Committee on the Public Lands be instructed to inquire into what animals and plants live in the amazon rainforest expediency of authorizing the Recorder of Land Titles for the Territory of Missouri to receive testimony in all the claims to land in which none has been adduced, and which are rejected in the report made by the late board of Commissioners for ascertaining and adjusting the titles and claims to land in the then district of Louisiana, now Territory of Missouri; and, afterwards, to arrange into classes, according to their respective merits, as well the claims embraced by this resolution, as the other rejected claims mentioned in said report, and made abstracts containing the substance of the evidence in support of such claims, and such other information and remarks as may be necessary to a proper decision thereon, and report on said claims to the General Commissioner of the Land Office; and that said committee have leave to report by bill, or otherwise.

    Resolved, That the Committee on the Public Lands be instructed to ascsrtain into the expediency of authorizing, in favor of the sentencee, the re-examination of the grants of land made by the board of Commissioners for ascertaining and adjusting the titles and claims to land in the district of Louisiana, under the second section of the act, entitled "An act for ascertaining and adjusting the titles and claims to land within the Territory of Orleans and the ue of Louisiana," passed the 2d of March, ; and also the grants made by the Recorder of Land Titles for the Territory of Missouri, under that part of the third section of the act, entitled "An act further providing for settling the claims to land in the Territory of Missouri," passed the 13th of June,which provides for settlement of donation rights in all cases where the quantity of land granted is less than six hundred and forty acres; and that said committee have leave to report by bill, or otherwise.

    The prosecutor could only draw one conclusion: hw the man had jumped back at such a moment and in such excitement simply with the object of ascertaining whether the only witness of his crime were dead; that he must therefore have been a man of great strength, coolness, decision and foresight even at such a moment. She quickly ascertained the situation. We had ascertainedthat the communications. It's not a logically ascertained premise that we are. In retrospect, I ascertained that failure in one area.

    July this organisation has ascertained that there is a. Hudson go ascertainedcomplete a nest for themselves. Indeed, I should say it was ascertained beyond a doubt. Upon further analysis of the gallows, I ascertained the. After having ascertained that the passenger this time around. When we had ascertained there was gold in the stream, we moved on. Through a complicated procedure of detection he ascertained that Odin. The manner in which the velocity of light was ascertained is interesting.

    Once she ascertained that he was on his own, she smiled, looking relieved. He had now recovered enough that he had ascertained his situation and was. He studied his instruments what kind of flowers do you give for graduation carefully and ascertained that his proposed.

    While it is yet to be ascertained on the motive of the attack, the assailant. Randy felt that it read enough like a suicide note to be ascertained as such. The match-making aunt had ascertained and communicated their mutual impression. What happened? It was then that we ascertained that Lord Saltire had not been alone in his flight. Approaching cautiously Rory ascertained that the other speedboat had indeed stopped. At this time, Cosmo-Art is a myth to be created, and is not an ascertained scientific.

    While it remained in the coffers of the bank, its superiority was known and ascertained. The applicability of this procedure to other option strategies should also be ascertained.

    In reply to an intimation that it was not even ascertained that they how to use ascertain in a sentence American citizens, Mr. The fineness of gold, it has been said, is more difficult to be ascertained than that of silver. It is firmly fixed in the ground, and penetrates it what does the easter bunny like to eat how far has not yet been ascertained.

    It was unimportant, as respected the ratio, that the bill should be delayed till that was ascertained. Is that something you have sentwnce from my thoughts, or something you ascertained for yourself?

    Their own inclinations ascertainedthere were no difficulties behind, no drawback of poverty or parent. I shall then make known to you something of the history of this man, which has been ascertained for me.

    How To Use Ascertain In A Sentence?

    Ascertain in a sentence | ascertain example sentences I tried to ascertain him. But we need to ascertain that. That's what I want to ascertain. Venables to ascertain what I was about. Within it all, he could ascertain that. Brooke of Tipton to ascertain whether Mr. Now I was curious to ascertain. Ascertain in a sentence (1) I'm going to ascertain the truth. (2) A postmortem was ordered to try to ascertain the cause of death. (3) The police are trying to ascertain what really happened. (4) It can be difficult to ascertain the facts. (5) You should ascertain the level of insurance cover from. Examples of ascertain in a sentence: 1. My first business was to ascertain who this gentleman was. 2. I asked, in eagerness to ascertain the truth. 3. Densuke did not wait to ascertain the n.

    Post Your Comments? Ascertain definition is - to find out or learn with certainty. How to use Ascertain in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of Ascertain. Ascertain definition, to find out definitely; learn with certainty or assurance; determine: to Ascertain the facts.

    Some common synonyms of Ascertain are determine, discover, learn, and unearth. While all these words mean "to find out what one did not previously know," Ascertain implies effort to find the facts or the truth proceeding from awareness of ignorance or uncertainty.

    To discover a fact; to make certain: The fire department has been unable to Ascertain the cause of the fire. Ascertain is a verb that means to find out something. You might have to go to the bank to Ascertain if there is any money in your account. Information that is Ascertain ed …. Find 50 ways to say Ascertain , along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.

    To Ascertain is defined as to verify or confirm something. An example of Ascertain is to step on a scale to determine your correct weight. Definition of Ascertain in the Definitions. What does Ascertain mean? Information and translations of Ascertain in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

    Examples of Ascertain in a sentence Detective Jimmy was able to quickly Ascertain the suspect was not being honest with him. Legal definition for Ascertain : To fix; to render certain or definite; to estimate and determine; to clear of doubt or obscurity. A team from the air accident investigation unit is still trying to Ascertain the cause of the crash.

    A fire investigation team will try to Ascertain the exact cause but it is thought to have been an electrical fault. Synonyms for Ascertain include discern, identify, recognise, recognize, understand, comprehend, see, confirm, grasp and appreciate.

    Ascertain Forensics is a leading provider of expert toxicology services, training and research. Determine: to Ascertain the facts. Ascertain that Police had Ascertain ed that the dead man knew his killer. Synonyms for Ascertain in Free Thesaurus. Ascertain - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions. Ascertain Technologies is a well-established company since , headquartered in Malaysia.

    With over a decade of years of experience and expertise in banking products and services, we e mpower industries with process automation, payment domain, and enable robust growth in the digital market. Ascertain definition: establish after a calculation, investigation, experiment, survey, or study synonyms: admeasure, redetermine, numerate, gauge, see, determine. Ascertain something It can be difficult to Ascertain the facts. Ascertain that… I Ascertain ed that the driver was not badly hurt. It is Ascertain ed that… It should be Ascertain ed that the plans comply with the law.

    Ascertain what, whether, etc… The police are trying to Ascertain what really happened. Ascertain v. Meaning "find out for sure by experiment or investigation" is first attested See 3 authoritative translations of Ascertain in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations. I'm going to Ascertain the truth. A postmortem was ordered to try to Ascertain the cause of death. The police are trying to Ascertain what really happened. It can be difficult to Ascertain the facts.

    Ascertain definition: If you Ascertain the truth about something, you find out what it is, especially by making Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. A noun or pronoun can be used between " Ascertain " and "from.

    Topline results from the Ascertain trial of the cedazuridine and decitabine combination in patients with intermediate and high-risk myelodysplastic syndromes or chronic myelomoncyctis leukemia showed that the phase III trial met its primary endpoint.

    If you Ascertain the truth about something, you find out what it is, especially by making a deliberate effort to do so. Through doing this, the teacher will be able to Ascertain the extent to which the child understands what he is reading.

    Once they had Ascertain ed that he was not a spy, they agreed. Ascertain ' Ascertain ' is a 9 letter word starting with A and ending with N Crossword clues for ' Ascertain ' Clue Answer; Find out for sure 9 Ascertain : Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Ascertain We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word Ascertain will help you to finish your crossword today.

    Definitions and Meaning of Ascertain in English Ascertain verb. Definition of Ascertain verb : find out something. Definition and synonyms of Ascertain from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. This is the British English definition of Ascertain. View American English definition of Ascertain.

    To find out the true or correct information about something Ascertain something It can be difficult to Ascertain the facts. Ascertain : To discover with certainty, as through examination or experimentation. Translation for 'to Ascertain ' in the free English-Polish dictionary and many other Polish translations. This is a way for all States Members of the United Nations to Ascertain that our national measures are as optimal as possible.

    Synonyms for Ascertain in English including definitions, and related words. After consulting a tree to Ascertain from its lichen which way was south, and taking no lip from the subordinates who ventured to correct him, Colonel Maycomb set out on a purposeful journey to rout the enemy and entangled his troops so far northwest in the forest primeval that they were eventually rescued by settlers moving inland. This entry about Ascertain has been published under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.


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