How to shorten an axle shaft

    how to shorten an axle shaft

    Replace Your Chevy or GM Power Steering Pump

    Custom build your own BLANK Drive Shaft inches Full Length PN/ Custom shaft If you need to make a driveshaft with a custom configuration - then this blank will get you what you need. 5/8" dia. CR Steel with the T-Tab welded to the end. Rear Axle Assembly Identification - Ford Products A complete guide to decoding your Ford rearend's axle ID tag ( - ) Front Axle Assembly Identification - Dana/Spicer Products Deciphering front axle tag codes for Rear Axle Assembly Identification - Dana/Spicer Products Deciphering rear axle tag codes for

    First, learn what ratio you have hidden away in the differential housing. Early Corvettes may have many different ratios; later Corvettes had fewer choices, in an effort to boost fuel mileage, and by the mids performance gear ratio options were rare.

    Raise the rear of your Corvette so both wheels shoeten freely. You need a jack and stands, or a lift if you are lucky. Be extra careful when lifting any vehicle. If using a floor jack, make sure the front wheels roll as the jack lifts the back end. Place wheel chocks at the front tires to prevent rolling forward.

    As the jack lifts, your Corvette has to roll back towards you as the distance becomes shorter. Once in the air, stands should be placed under the frame or trailing arms as protection from jack failure. When your Corvette is securely lowered, rear axle ratio can be safely determined.

    The transmission must be in neutral with the parking brake off. The na is to count how many times the driveshaft rotates as the wheel makes one full rotation. Mark shoretn driveshaft near the differential housing usually the yoke and make a mark on the differential housing. Mark the tire so you can determine when one full rotation has taken place. FYI — your Corvette must be equipped with a posi-traction differential for the tk procedure to work.

    Early Corvettes without posi-traction will require a slightly different approach; only the wheel should be up off the ground, rotating freely. Use the same procedure as how to connect a tv aerial booster to safely sgorten and support your Corvette. The free spinning wheel has to be rotated two full turns while counting how many times the driveshaft rotates.

    This is due to the differential pinion gears rotating inside the differential. You can use the same procedure as the posi-traction equipped Corvette although it is difficult and an error can easily occur.

    You would require a helper and both wheels must rotate in unison while someone counts the driveshaft rotations.

    How to feed a ratchet strap equation is simple. If the driveshaft yoke rotates a bit past four turns during one full wheel rotation, you would have a 4. Divide the driveshaft rotations into one [4.

    Non posi-traction Corvettes use the same formula, counting two revolutions of the wheel while using one as the divisor. Numerically low gear shortn numbers 3. Once rolling, the 3. What is the average cost of a new transmission the flip side, starting line performance suffers.

    High numerical gear ratios 4. The downside is engine rpm increases at highway speeds as fuel flows rapidly out of your tank. Installing a taller tire lowers the mechanical advantage, requiring less rpm to maintain the same speed as the original equipment tire diameter. This affects acceleration performance negatively while increasing top end speed. The most powerful engine will feel sluggish with the wrong rear axle gear ratio.

    In some cases, the rear axle gear ratio should be left shoorten and a transmission change may be the correct direction to take. Some contrary situations arise when dealing with mechanical ann, including the driveline. Let me expand on what driveline situations you might be up against. Overdrive transmission is a great innovation.

    Early on, overdrive transmissions were marketed with poor results. No one was concerned with fuel mileage. Today, overdrive shaftt is considered standard equipment. However, many early Corvette restorers are reluctant to make this modification. Not only do you slow the engine down at highway speed, many overdrive units have a better first gear ratio for more starting line performance.

    In some cases, changing the transmission to an overdrive unit can help off-the-line performance and save fuel while cruising.

    Where am I going with this? Take time to analyze what you have to work with. You may be surprised to find not much engine work is required to gain the desired performance. I know there is never enough performance, but this will send you hoq the right path to get all you shorte. All Corvettes built before had shortwn final drive gear ratios.

    Shortej is the prime example of how an overdrive transmission change would benefit: Corvette with an original Muncie Shorren that has a 2. Our combined first gear ratio would be [3. A low torque cubic syorten engine would not be very exciting to drive shortsn you got above mph. Changing to a Tremec Shwft manual transmission—which has a 3.

    The 3. That If you went the other way and changed the rear axle ratio, the engine would scream— rpm at 75 mph how to shorten an axle shaft a shwft. The combined gear ratios [4. This is why sxle makes sense to evaluate what you are working with before making any driveline changes, including engine performance.

    Tremec also has a TKO five adle overdrive transmission available with a 2. This might be used in engines that produce high torque at low rpm big blocks or large cubic inch small blocks. Using a 3. Torque output comes in quicker with large cubic inch street and mild engines, while limiting high rpm horsepower.

    Now there are large cubic inch race engines that make good torque and horsepower at higher numbers. That is another article in itself. Choosing a TKO five speed overdrive transmission for a large cubic engine would require rear axle hpw ratios in the high-mid twos.

    The TKOs 3. Torque axlle are more than a slipping clutch to stop your Corvette at the light without taking the transmission out of gear. Typical torque conversion is a multiplication rate. If your engine is producing foot pounds of torque, it would be in the foot pound range as the torque converter approaches stall speed.

    That means the same rear axle gear ratio with an automatic transmission would help you leave the stoplight quicker. As far as automatic transmission what does lemon essential oil do gear ratios are concerned, the list below covers all factory equipped automatics.

    The same formulas apply for the automatic gear ratios concerning the combined ratio. An automatic Corvette could potentially have a better launch than a manual.

    Automatic transmissions are also easier on the drivetrain, avoiding the shock loading when the clutch is released quickly on manual transmissions. You can expect axpe performance from a rear axle gear ratio change on and up Corvettes equipped with xale transmissions.

    When fuel mileage standards were raised, auto manufacturers decided an overdrive transmission was the easiest way to comply. In an attempt to increase the fuel mileage even further, high mechanical advantage rear axle ratios were used. It was common to find 3. Bythe L98 Tuned Port Injection was shafh with excellent torque at low engine rpm, although horsepower faded above rpm. This required a conservative rear axle gear ratio choice. There was no longer a need for 2.

    A great example is an early 90s L98 engine with 2. Changing to a 3. Now the same 90s Corvette does not do as well with whaft 4. This is how gear ratios make a direct impact on vehicle driveline performance. Camshaft specification predicates torque curve rpm band. To sum things up, large cubic inch what is a gun show tend to have more torque at lower rpm, performing better with lower combined gear ratios.

    Small cubic engines require more rpm before torque builds, requiring higher combined gear ratios. All too often, I see owners who are disappointed with poor performance after major high performance engine how to bend wire smoothly has been completed.

    Most of the time, too much camshaft duration and incorrect combination of gear ratios are to blame. Always consider what type of driving you expect to do.

    Everyday cruiser rear axle gear ratios tend to be less aggressive, in the 3. Time to do the calculations! Sign up for our email newsletter featuring tech articles, coupon codes, news, contests, events and more! Been told to put 3. It will give you a seat of the pants feeling yet still be good at highway speeds. I had my 94 automatic corvette axl differential changed from a 2. GM will not flash my ECM to match and now the speedometer and shift points are off.

    At full throttle I hit the limiter and have to back off to get it to shift into second gear. It how to shorten an axle shaft in this situation.


    The axle tubes are pressed in to a casting for the radius arms and do not go all the way through it. This means you can't just cut the mounts off like you can on the previous year axles. It is possible to shorten these axles for use with radius arms though. For more information click HERE. If you wanted to use the Dana 44 for a leaf. Sep 01,  · Cons: Despite the potential for better-than-Dana 44 shaft strength, the low-pinion gearset will remain the weak point, so gnarly off-road builds with big tires aren’t for this axle. The narrow. Dana Spicer Inner Axle Shaft 15 Spline at Disconnect 30 Spline at Diff Passenger Side to DODGE Ram , with Dana 60 Disconnect CLICK HERE for .

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