How to prevent overheating of laptop

    how to prevent overheating of laptop

    How To Prevent Laptop From Overheating

    Jun 24,  · Use an external heat sink, which uses a thermal conductor to draw and dissipate the heat away from the CPU. All of these ideas, and even some you might creatively invent, allow enough of a lift, tilt or cooling surface to provide airflow and help to prevent overheating. Jan 08,  · Here's what to do if your laptop is overheating: Turn off your laptop and check for dirt, dust, or debris that could be causing blockage and preventing it from working efficiently. You can do this with compressed air like this bottle from Amazon. Make sure your laptop has Author: Jill Layton.

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    Vertical Cable. View What state is canyonlands national park in. Overheating in laptops is pretty common, and many laptop owners have experienced it. Sometimes aging laptops may be overheating due to internal hardware problems that most people may not be able to fix. However, the most common type of overheating is caused by lack of adequate airflow within the machine.

    Whenever you feel your laptop getting hot, place your hand just next to the fan vents. If you feel very little or no air, then dust might have accumulated on the fan or it has broken down.

    How to prevent overheating of laptop can open up the machine and blow out the dust with some relatively compressed air. If the fan has broken down, look for a new replacement. Note that if you are not comfortable opening up the laptop, get a professional to do it. Overheating can be caused by lack of inadequate ventilation under the laptop. This can be solved by elevating your computer and putting a small book under the machine. Apart from using a book, it's even better to purchase a laptop cooling pad to provide enough standard ventilation under your machine.

    There are varieties of laptop cooling fans available here, you can purchase one. Another method to provide enough ventilation is the use of a lap desk. The small rubber feet on the bottom provides standard elevation to enhance airflow underneath your laptop. However, some people place laptops on their laps when using them. This restricts airflow under the laptop and leads to overheating. A lap desk helps in maintaining constant airflow, keeping your laptop cool.

    Constant airflow within your laptop prevents your fans from running at full speeds. When your fan is running at high speeds, it implies that the CPU is working hard and it may get hotter. You can control fan speeds by installing programs such as SpeedFan for Windows. Overheating in your laptop may be as a result of intense processes. You can keep your laptop cool by avoiding such processes on your machine. For instance, browsers with video Flash will subject the CPU to hard work.

    The CPU will start getting hotter and increase fan speeds. Enter your text to search Search. About Us. Have a question? Our Live Chat operators are ready to help! Note that if you are not comfortable opening up the laptop, get a professional to do it Elevate your laptop Overheating can be caused by lack of inadequate ventilation under the laptop.

    Use a lap desk Another method to provide enough ventilation is the use of a lap desk. Controlling fan speed Constant airflow within your laptop prevents your fans from running at full speeds.

    Avoid using Intense processes Overheating in your laptop may be as a result of intense processes. Keep your laptop out of the heat Lastly, overheating of your laptop may occur due to extreme exposure to direct hot sunlight, especially during summer. High temperatures may cause a computer to overheat due to an expansion of hard how to run a record label independently and battery damage. Therefore, you should keep your laptop in the shade whenever temperatures are high.

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    Are you looking for a solution to prevent computer overheating then this article is for you to read? Its true computer overheating is a nightmare for gamers and overclockers.

    No doubt, many modern gadgets are there which can cool down the computer in hot summer days. But the missing part is that you can keep your PC cool and prevent it from overheating even without spending money on these gadgets. The computer consists of a lot of parts and almost every part generates heat while performing tasks.

    Sometimes overheating computers leads to unexpected shutdowns, data loss, and hardware damage. In this post, you will learn how to stop your computer from overheating, and how to make pc cool with the easy to use free tips. PC temperature varies with hardware components.

    That is each PC part has a different temperature range. For example, i7 CPU temperature can get up to degrees C whereas , hard drives have a lower operating temperature of 70 degrees C.

    So you can use different measures on each hardware to prevent computer overheating. While focusing on overheating the computer you should also keep an eye on how hot should my GPU be?

    So when you play games the normal GPU temperature should be around degrees C. If it exceeds 80 C then it will cause GPU overheating. The idle GPU temp must be around degrees C. You should also monitor GPU temperature using the best temp monitoring software so that you can learn how to stop computer overheating. These computer fans are the main computer system cooling parts. In case, hot air is not removed properly, the computer overheating problem can get so serious that it can cause damage to your PC.

    Most of them are free or some are little inexpensive. Apply these methods to keep your computer cool and lower PC temperature. Tip: Three preventive measures that you should take to prevent your computer from overheating are cleaning, improve airflow, and stop overclocking. The easiest way to prevent computer overheating and to keep your PC cool is to give a little breathing room by removing any obstacles to airflow.

    To improve airflow there should be inches wide space around your computer. Especially take notice of the backside and make sure nothing is sitting at back to block air. You can also place an external computer fan to provide more airflow in the system. Because cool air enters from the front and sometimes from the sides of the case. If the door is closed all day, hot air tends to recycle inside the desk , getting hotter and hotter the longer the computer is running causing computer overheating.

    The fans inside PC cool the whole inner hardware and prevent CPU overheating but sometimes fans get sluggish. Do you know what causes the fan to slows down and then eventually makes it stop? Dirt , dust , debris and pet hairs — etc.

    No matter how modern or spacious the PC case is, the dust always finds a way into your computer and much of it gets stuck in the several fans making computer fans loud and noisy. Now open your computer and clean each fan in your PC. It includes your CPU fan, external fans, and your power supply fan.

    Blast them with a can of compressed air to get rid of dust, and clean the blades with alcohol socked cloth. Before applying this method, shut down your computer and take it outside in open space. Take it out and replace it with aftermarket PC fans. Default fan speed settings are another cause of computer overheating. Usually, fans run too slowly to cool down PC. To gain control over fan speed, a program like SpeedFan is the best PC fan controller software. This PC fan controller allows you to improve PC cooling by letting users to manually increase or decrease fan speed.

    Just click on up arrow to increase the fan speed percentage. But there is also other software which can monitor PC fan speed. The hardware cables take a fair amount of space on your PC. In case, these cables are strewed around they cause computer overheating because proper airflow is obstructed due to their intermingling.

    To overcome this issue, move, zip-tie , and configure your cables to create more free space inside your PC. It sounds risky while managing component cables, so always turn off your computer before applying this method.

    Cable management requires unplugging components and plugging them back in. Yet, taking the plunge will contribute to easier component replacement, better airflow, and overall cleaner look. Installing more case fans also solves the computer overheating problem. More PC case fans installed in your system means more airflow.

    A case fan is a small fan that attaches to either the front or the back of a desktop computer case, from the inside. If you want to check the prices of Best PC Case fans then amazon is the best place. On the other hand , Noctua cooling fan, Corsair high-performance single fan, Rosewill case, Be Quiet, Thermaltake quiet computer case Fan are considered best case fans for PC. The sole purpose of computer cooling fans or case fans is to help move air through the computer.

    At least, Install two case fans, one at the front and other at the back of the computer to properly move air. Unfortunately , the laptop computer does not have the option to add case fans, but for them, an efficient cooling pad is the best choice to avoid computer overheating.

    Anyone who knows overclocking can tell you that it causes more computer overheating issues. But if you have already overclocked your computer without providing an adequate cooling system then there are chances that your system might die due to computer overheating.

    So use underclocking techniques. If you do not understand what is overclocking? Among others, CPU is the most sensitive as well as an expensive part inside your computer. It also has the most potential to overheat. If you upgrade any fan in your PC it will automatically cool all other parts providing better airflow. The CPU cooler should only be replaced when you have applied other free computer cooling solutions.

    These companies offer two kinds of CPU cooler , air or liquid. CPU air cooler comes is large and in small heat sinks. The large one absorbs more heat due to the large surface area of the heat sink. Before springing for the largest cooler, just make sure that the CPU cooler will easily fit in your computer case.

    Another computer cooling solution through which you can prevent computer overeating is to upgrade the power supply unit. B ecause power supply has a larger fan built into it.

    When you hold your hand behind the computer, you can easily feel constant airflow, it is coming from that fan. This method is quite costly. The water cooling kit is only feasible in high-end computer s.

    In these cases, installing a water cooling kit can help a lot to reduce the computer overheating problem. Because water heat transfers efficiently which drastically reduces CPU temperature. Liquid Coolers absorb heat through specific liquids then this liquid is cooled using a large radiator mounted within or outside your case.

    Phase change units are the most useful of cooling technologies. A phase change unit can be thought of like a r efrigerator for your CPU. It utilizes many of the same technologies to cool or even freeze a CPU. It also prevents computer overheating. The thermal compound is applied between heat sinks and components. The Arctic Silver is a popular best thermal paste which only costs 5 dollars.

    You can also learn methods of How to apply thermal paste here. A low-quality thermal paste will stop doing its job over time, causing PC parts to heat up. Reapplying thermal paste on an old CPU heat sink will lower the temperatures taken on by that part. After reading these solutions you can easily answer how to cool your PC and stop your PC from overheating.

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