How to plan a college graduation party at home

    how to plan a college graduation party at home

    How to Plan a Graduation Party and Buffet

    Set a date, time, and location for the party. Graduation for us was on a Monday night. We chose to have the party the day before since a lot of our family lives out of town. IТve seen parties where two or more graduates go together and hold their celebration at a community center or church. Jun 09, †Ј Pick out your ideal graduation party games. Clean the house and yard. Charge your camera and make sure there is space for plenty of photos. Notify the neighbors about the party.

    Will you have a graduate this year? Have you started preparing for the graduation party? My oldest child graduated from high school last year. We hosted an open house at our home to celebrate. Planning for my first graduation party was good practice because I have three more to do! My second child yo this year. Coollege, he wants to have a very similar party. Or, feel free to duplicate any of the ideas for your party.

    Graduation tk us was on a Monday night. We chose to have the party the day yraduation since a lot of our family lives out of town.

    Hime you have seating for guests? Do you how to make origami stars mini to get tables or chairs? Do you need any signage to help people find the location?

    Plsn friend had a balloon path to her party in the back yard. Decide how much you want to spend. Costs include coollege, a venue, food, decorations, gifts, thank you graduaton, postage, etc. I write out my list on a piece of paper. I uome with family. Think about neighbors, teachers, and leaders, too. Count up those on your list and order your invites. Add a few extra in case you make a mistake or want to invite someone last minute. I ordered my invitations from Shutterfly. The first year I used one of their templates.

    Graduayion year I used a template on PicMonkey, edited it and then ordered 4X6 prints instead of announcements. The kind of food will depend on your budget. I asked my son what patry wanted to serve Ч giving him a few options. We went to several ho last year where food ranged from just desserts to sandwiches to a catered Mexican hod where they made fresh fajitas and tacos!

    Whatever you decide will be fine. So stick to your budget and pick something your child likes and will remember. Make sure you can prepare the food ahead of time.

    I went overboard on the handmade treats. My mom and girls ended up helping a lot. This year I will not be making those little graduation caps. We ordered the sandwiches from a local grocery store. We made a veggie tray, rainbow fruit trays, the mints, grad hats and diplomas ahead of time.

    I searched Pinterest and put together this Pinterest graduation board. I had fun deciding what to do. We made a list of things we needed and then went shopping at Hobby Lobby. Making the decorations was fun, but time consuming. The tassels took the longest but added such fun color and festivity. We worked on them a little at a time.

    We hung them plxn over the kitchen, down the deck stairs, and at the photo booth. You can see them in some of the photos below. What to wear to the homecoming dance girls helped a lot. There is a pin on my Pinterest board with instructions on how to make the tassels from tissue paper. We also decorated with ribbons and photos on our staircase and wrapped wire around two trees outside with photos held on by mini clothes pins in school colors.

    Think about centerpieces for the tables. Perfect timing. They stay filled for several days. What fruit can a diabetic eat Dollar Tree is a great place to purchase table pan, too.

    I tried to do way too much. I planned to make all those cute decorations and food and then still had to do normal stuff like work and get my hair done and clean my whole house! What helped the most was getting help. My mom came in town several days before the how to build a wbs for a project and helped me.

    She did a lot of the cleaning. My plzn was in charge of the punch Ч making it ahead of time, bringing it and keeping it filled. They also brought ice for the coolers. My dad and step mom helped pick up the food, set up tables, entertained guests, and whatever else was needed.

    Everyone helped with last minute things. Rgaduation the open house, all I did was talk to people. It is touching to see all the people who care about your child. They took the time to stop what is the plimsoll line. I wanted to treasure every conversation and hug.

    I never had a chance to look at the food so I was very thankful that I had help. Be resourceful. Who will make sure the cake gets cut? My suggestion is to get a small cake. We had WAY too much leftover cake. Or, with a perfect pink cake like this, I might just leave it as the centerpiece of the party! I did not make a photo book or a video! It sounded too coplege and time consuming so I bought a cool three ring binder, gathered some photos and all his certificates and put them in sheet protectors.

    We got some school-colored paper to put behind the photos and stickers to make it look festive but kept it simple. We placed some of his favorite things on the table with his senior basketball trifold board that we had already made for senior night and that was it.

    Plan some activities. Even though people mostly talk with each other and drop in and out quickly, it is good to have something planned. Our favorite game is Cornhole. We had a Cornhole game going and a badminton net set up. Photo booths are really fun and everyone loves taking pictures. Almost all grduation graduation parties last year had one. Then I taped them to sticks.

    We gathered our fun accessories hats, wigs, etc. I had an old frame I set near the crate. We stuck some balloons and tassels on the tree for color. AndЕa photo booth! Just the cost of the sparkly paper and balloons.

    Plan ahead. Take a deep breath right before braduation starts. Focus on the people. Wow this worked out so well. Hope you give me more of your suggestions about conducting an event. Many thanks this is Ajay from India. A program for what specifically? I grafuation have life coaching programs related to transformation around organization of your home and life.

    I love the photo of the young man in his green paety and yellow ropes as he graduates. Our son is graduating with a Mechanical Engineering degree at his University, and we are looking for graduation sashes for him.

    We will keep looking around to find the right style for our son. Thank you for telling me to get help from people instead of trying to do it on our own. It might be a good idea to find a restaurant that offers catering services instead of trying to cook the food ourselves. Love this!

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    High school and college graduations mark the end of one chapter and the beginning of another, and there are only so many days designed to celebrate academic achievements. Whether you are the person graduating or you're hosting the celebration for a loved one, there's no reason not to go all out on a graduation party, from decor to food to favors. Graduations happen rarely enough to be truly special, and you don't want to miss the chance to celebrate.

    These graduation party ideas will help make the day memorable for everyone involved. Whether a graduate is completing high school, college , or kindergarten, planning a party with thoughtful details will take the experience to the next level.

    A dessert display such as a trendy donut wall will help make your celebration the hottest event on the graduation party circuit.

    Donut wall backdrops are easy to create and always stand out. Glitter can add a lot of glam to a partyЧbut cleaning up the tiny sparkles after the event can be arduous. You can achieve a sparkling effect without the mess by featuring glitter-filled balloons. And the combination of glitz and bouncing balloons promises to liven up the atmosphere.

    Hand out your graduation party favors in these glittery, do-it-yourself trays. Spell out GRAD, the graduate's name, or even the university they'll be intending in the fall. Once these letters are constructed, stuff them full of the graduate's favorite sweet surprises.

    Whether your graduate wants to celebrate where they're coming from or where they're going, let the school colors stand front and center. For a high school graduation party, consider decorating with the colors of your student's future university.

    Your menu can also become a work of art if you have foods with a specific color scheme. Everyone attending the party has had different experiences with the graduate, so ask friends and family to bring their favorite photos and display them all in one enormous collage.

    You can use pallet boards to create a striking backdrop for your best shots. And don't limit yourself to photos alone: Consider adding items like sports uniforms, notable school projects, and medals.

    Celebrate like you're in a modern art museum with giant statement balloons. Cut out large numbers to highlight the graduation year and hang them on streamers dangling from an enormous balloon. Once they're floating in your room, these colorful creations can seem almost magical. Give your graduate a grand send-off by having guests write down their best wishes for their future.

    You can use twigs in a jar to make a wishing tree, then have guests attach personal notes to the branches. Your graduate can keep these wishes for motivation and comfort as they embark on their next life chapter.

    The Paper Curator. This DIY speech bubble allows guests to send best wishes to the graduateЧfrom "Congrats! To create this simple craft, you only need some scrap cardboard, chalkboard paint, and chalk.

    These clever straws promise to add some pizazz to your beverage table. Your guests will love using them to sip delicious cocktails or strawberry lemonade.

    If you want to go the extra mile, wrap a colored band around glass bottles to create a cohesive display. When it comes to a graduation party, the photo booth is always a popular feature.

    This glamorous rose-gold photo booth combines confetti, traditional peachy balloons, and enormous number balloons spelling out the year of graduation to give the party a fun glitzy effect.

    There's a good reason "Oh, the Places You'll Go" is a classic graduation gift. Seuss understood the plight of graduates like no one else. This quintessential book makes the perfect party theme for your graduate of any age with colorful cookies, a sea-blue suitcase, and of course a globe.

    The classic senior-year superlatives can make fantastic graduation decorations. Honor the party guests with these balloon awardsЧthink best hair or cutest coupleЧ to create an immersive atmosphere for the party. Better yet: Have guests vote on who should win which award. Actively scan device characteristics for identification. Use precise geolocation data. Select personalised content. Create a personalised content profile. Measure ad performance. Select basic ads.

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