How to operate a blaze king wood stove

    how to operate a blaze king wood stove

    How to run a Blaze King...

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    Status Not open for further replies. Aug 12, Southern Minnesota. I have my Blaze King King up and running and it is truly amazing. I loaded the cold stove at 8 am with cardboard, paper stovd about 6 small splits or so stacked with lots of air space to get operatee thing up and running.

    I figured I'd add some wood in an hour or so then let it sit. I didn't need to add a thing! The sucker is still going and it is 12 hours later. This on a cold start! It was 41 this morning and the house started at The day did warm up to the 60's today but is already down in the mid to low 50's.

    The house has been operatw 83 and 77 all day. All this on a little load in a cold stove. These Blaze Kings are amazing in the shoulder season. Despite how well it seems to be doing, How to get rid of birds nesting would like some what kind of dwarf hamster do i have on how to best run the stove under various conditions.

    How to run when it is shoulder season. Should the air be turned down so that the cat doesn't glow but the thermometer is still in the active zone?

    How close to what is a good rental yield australia inactive zone can you run and not clog the cat? Should the fire look completely dead? Medium heat - I think I may be ok here High Heat - If you want big output what do you do?

    Do 2 but just have the fans wide open or do you up the thermostat to where the flames are active? Will active flames damage the cat flame impingement? Last edited: Sep 21, Sep 2, operatee, Indiana. Don't pay any attention to the cat, It doesn't have to be wod to be stovd. Pay attention to the cat probe thermometer, if it says active, blqze It is! No flames is completely normal. They are very impressive and I can't wait to get back ooperate the Bk family! Reactions: alforit.

    Feb 9, 4, Michigan. Agree with everyone else. Once the cat lights off how to operate a blaze king wood stove the start of the cycle, operatte worry about it. No matter what you do blazd won't go 'out' till the wood is exhausted, so long as you have dry wood. Staring at a hot dark box is the price of using a cat. Ram with an axe Minister of Fire. Mar 26, 2, New Jersey. I prefer looking at fire Woody Stover Minister of Fire.

    Dec 25, 12, Southern IN. Reactions: Highbeam and alforit. Reactions: panderson03Highbeam and alforit. I used to say that when I had a stkve cat.

    I have an "ugly" Blaze King in my family room and couldn't be happier. I only wish I would've known about them when I purchased my first stove. That's why I have two open fireplaces in addition to the cat stove. When I want the ambiance of a flame nothing beats a real fireplace with kinng but a screen between you and the fire. I understand fellows, I only heat with wood in one zone so it works well for me Last edited by a moderator: Sep 22, So long as fire is involved, I say Its all good!

    Reactions: bloyet03 and Holderjc. Hey Woody, what is that object pictured in your avatar? Someone at work asked me and I don't have the answer Also I don't seem to be blze through a ton of wood, but I plan to keep track of it this year. That's 1 split woov that pic of mine Well I do have my Enerzone when I want to see fire! I'll run it during jan. It has a sloped firebox like the new Woodstock for a beautiful fire. Still loading more than once a day is so Feb 20, 5, Central Mass.

    Well if you have the BK King you 1 load lbs of wood into stove 2 set tstat and go watch tv,eat,work etc 24 hours later: 1 load and repeat step 2. Highbeam Minister of Fire. Dec 28, 18, Mt. Rainier Foothills, WA. Highbeam said:. There oing a low stat setting that is unique to your stove and perhaps also the season.

    Under a certain setting and the dang cat will stall and your probe will go to inactive, smoke out the kinb, etc. Once you find your "lowest" stat setting plan on leaving xtove there unless it is really hoe and you need more power.

    Most of the time you will run these things on low. Sep 14, 4, SE MI. By this do you mean every stove is different and doesn't change or different for every load? I know there's tons of variables with wood type, moister, split size, loading ect. Last edited: Sep 23, Jeff T You mean until it stops turning? It'll keep the cat active?

    Grisu Minister of Fire. Nov 1, 4, Chittenden, VT. I loaded the cold stove at 8 am with cardboardpaper and about 6 small splits or so stacked with lots of air space to get the thing up and running. The cooler weather makes the chimney draw harder which in turn pulls more air through opertae stove. I'm not sure if others experience the same thing but after two seasons this has been pretty consistent. Top Bottom. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in operatw you register.

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    ManualsLib has more than 54 Blaze King Wood stove manuals

    Download 54 Blaze King Wood Stove PDF manuals. User manuals, Blaze King Wood Stove Operating guides and Service manuals. Sep 24,  · How to run a Blaze King 1. How to run when it is shoulder season. Should the air be turned down so that the cat doesn't glow but the thermometer 2. Medium heat - I think I may be ok here get the stove going get the cat datmixloves.com down the thermostat to the 3. High Heat - . Blaze King classic models feature a bimetal coil thermostat This simple thermostat evens out the uneven nature of burning wood. Blaze King owners typically only adjust their thermostats once or twice and day. Nearly all other wood stoves have a damper to .

    This post may contain affiliate links so I earn a commission. The Blaze King wood stove will keep your family warm and cozy when strong icy winds are blowing in a frosty winter.

    Blaze King Industries came into existence along with other wood stove companies around With introduction of clean wood burning regulations in Oregon in , stove companies jumped on the band wagon and created wood stoves which were kind to the environment as well by crafting secondary combustion units for a cleaner and longer burn.

    Blaze King wood stove models have a ceramic or stainless steel honeycomb catalytic combustion system which met all of these requirements in making the most of natural heat and completely using the available resources with a complete burn. Old fashion values stand strong with these pioneers and they commit themselves not only to clean air and highest efficiencies, but to overall safety and excellent craftsmanship in wood stoves as well.

    It is capable of heating up to square feet and can hold several logs at the same time which saves a lot of time and energy. Ashford- The Ashford 30 comes with a cast iron body and is available with different finishes including painted black, colonial pewter and brown enamel. The large fire box can accept logs up to 18 inches and has a good burning time of approximately 30 hours when the thermostat is set on low. It is capable of heating up to 2, square feet depending on the wood type and construction of its location.

    The Ashford 20 model is a little smaller, but offers the same beautiful styling and finishes as the Ashford It can heat up to square feet with an estimated burn time of 20 hours when set on low. Both are beautifully styled and have an ash pan which glides out mounted on technically engineered runners for easy access to ashes, and removal.

    Sirocco- The Sirocco 30 is a large catalytic wood burning stove and can heat up to 2, square feet in a well insulated home. It holds a fire well, accepts logs up to 18 inches long, and can burn up to 30 hours when the bimetal coil thermostat is set on low.

    The burn time is estimated using hardwood as the fuel source. The Sirocco 20 has the same features as the Sirocco 30, but is a little smaller and accepts logs of up to 16 inches in length. This stove is placed in the medium size wood stove classification. All of the Blaze King wood stoves can heat a fairly large area and have a good burn time.

    Chinook- The Chinook 30 is in the large wood stove category and accepts log lengths up to 18 inches. It can easily heat up to 2, square feet.

    Just like the other wood stoves in the Blaze King line it has a secondary catalytic burn unit which burns all of the wood for complete efficiency and warmth. The Chinook is thermostatically controlled and has a long burn time of up 30 hours when it is set on low. It also comes in a medium size, the Chinook 20, which can heat up to 1, feet in idealistic conditions. The Blaze King wood stove is solidly constructed and has a variety of styling and design options.

    There is one major factor which could influence your wood stove buying choice, and that would be the catalytic combustion unit. Many do not care for the catalytic combustion unit system because it can degrade over a period of time, requires maintenance, and sometimes costly replacement.

    A lot of wood stove makers have chosen to use a non-catalytic secondary combustion source, or design, which uses little miniature holes on the top of the firebox, or in a tube running across the firebox, in preference to the catalytic combustion design. Both do an excellent job of complete burning of all of your wood with very little creosote build up and harmful contaminates being released into the environment.

    All in all Blaze King produces a very well made and capable wood stove which is an excellent choice for all of your heating needs. These sawbuck assembly instructions create an easy way for anyone to build a strong and durable folding rack for cutting firewood. Learn how to stack firewood using the Holz Hausen method. Is this popular European style better than stacking firewood in rows?

    Find out here. A firewood storage guide with useful tips for keeping your firewood dry and ready for use. Explains how to properly store firewood inside and outside. Copyright firewood-for-life. Ashford Sirocco Chinook


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