How to make dragon eyes

    how to make dragon eyes

    Dragon Eyes : A Dragon Craft for Adults & Kids Alike!

    Aug 08, Learn how to make your own dragon eyes for jewelry, crafts, and more!~~~~~Tools/Materialsmm cabs datmixloves.com cabs: htt. Sep 08, It just takes a very fine brush and a steadier hand. The paint markers make it a lot easier. Because the marbles act as a magnifying glass its important to make the pupil very thin and keep it away from the edges. Otherwise when its turned over it appears to run over the edge. Make sure to let it dry well before doing the metallic outlines.

    Hello, eyez This Instructable is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a dragon eye how to make dragon eyes. It will show you how to create the too, which will be the eyeball itself, how to sculpt the area around the eye, how to form the wire loop that the pendant will hang on, how to paint it, and how to finish and protect it. These pendants can have a variety of different looks, making them good for giving as a personalized gift.

    You can also personalize them to fit your own personality and tastes. This pendant is great for dragon fans or fantasy fans! Fans of Skyrim, the Inheritance Cycle, Game of Thrones, or any other dragon-filled tales will be most dyes.

    The best part is, you don't have to be a good artist to create it. No experience eyex Even if you're no Picasso, you can create a lovely work of art! The first step in making these eyrs is to create the cabochon that will become the eyeball. You will need to search the internet for an image of a dragon eye that you like. If you are feeling particularly creative, you could even create your own image. When choosing an image, take into consideration makf colors you want for both the eyeball and the surrounding area.

    Once you mkae found an image, size it to fit your glass stone. I use Nova Photo Explosion to size my eyes, but you can use whatever you have that works for you. Fragon there, simply print and cut out the image. You do not have to be too precise when cutting the image out. The back of the cabochon will be completely covered, and you will not see the edges if the image is sized correctly for the glass stone.

    Next, you will need to attach the image to the stone. Mod Podge mxke any other thin glue is the best option. I just water down Tacky Glue and use that, but you could also water down Elmer's Glue. Just use a paintbrush to brush a very small amount of the glue onto the glass stone, then lay your image face down on the flat side of the stone. Be sure to push out any air bubbles that form under the image in the glue. The last step is to smear a small amount of clear resin on the backside of the image.

    When it comes to resin, a little goes a dragkn way, so you don't have to use very much! I use the back of a spoon to smear the resin, but a Popsicle stick will work also. Use whatever you have handy! The resin will protect the image while making it show through the stone more clearly. I let mine dry for around two days, but you can use your own judgement to decide when it is done. This part of the Instructable may seem daunting, but it isn't as hard as it sounds. Sculpting the area around the eye is primarily just rolling out clay snakes.

    Everyone has made their fair share of Play-Dough snakes ; Be sure to keep some water handy to periodically wet your hands with so that the clay doesn't dry out. Start by flattening out enough clay to cover the bottom of your cabochon, leaving a little extra to fold over the edges of the cabochon. Basically, you just want to make a base for the cabochon.

    Next, roll out two clay snakes of nearly the same length. Attach one of the snakes to the top of the cabochon, and attach the other one to the bottom of the cabochon. Pinch the two snakes together at the sides of the cabochon.

    Make sure that the snakes are pinched in a larger point at one side than the other because this will distinguish the outer corner of the eye from the rdagon corner. The smaller side will be the inside corner, and the larger side will be the outside corner. Then, create one long thin snake for the top eyelid.

    I like maake curl the eyelid up at the outside corner, but if you want to make your dragon eye seem more masculine, I would suggest ending the eyelid without a curl. Next, create one one very short snake. Place this snake under the ending eeyes top eyelid in the inside corner. Place it according to the picture. This is part of the bottom eyelid.

    Then, make another snake that is a little longer than the last snake. Bend and place this snake in the outside corner of the eye as the picture shows. This completes the bottom eyelid. Finally, roll yow small ball of clay that will fit between the cabochon and the eyelids in the inner corner. Jake simple dot adds maoe lot of character to these eyes!

    It's okay to get clay on the cabochon because it will wipe away with water. Simply wet a cotton swab and wipe the clay away. Next you will drragon a scale pattern on the area surrounding the eyeball. This is a very simple step. All you need to do is rragon a knife to create a recurring triangle pattern in the clay. This pattern does not need to be exact, and it does not eyyes to be carved into the back of the pendant. I only create the pattern on the front and on the sides of the pendant.

    You could also make different shapes, or vary the shapes if you would like to. This is another relatively simple step. In this step you will create the wire loop that the pendant will hang from. Using a pair of needle-nose pliers jewelry or ordinary pliers what are the requirements to get into west point, create a loop with a length of straight wire below it.

    Lay the straight part of the wire how to remove scorch marks from teflon iron the clay at the back of the cabochon, taking care to let the loop of the wire remain above the very top of the pendant.

    When, take a little bit of clay and cover the wire thoroughly. You make wet your fingers and smooth this clay so that it blends in with the pendant better, though I don't bother to. Now, set the pendant out of the way and let it dry completely.

    This is the fun part of making these maks In this step you will paint the pendant. First, paint the entire pendant the base color of your choice. Once this is dry, take a small paintbrush and paint all of the lines you created when forming the scales. I paint the scales black, but a darker shade of your base color would also look wonderful! After you fill in a line, rub t finger across the scales to remove the excess paint, and to distribute some of it across the rest of maje pendant.

    This will give the pendant a ton of dimension! Other than the scales, you should also paint the areas surrounding the eyelids. Doing this adds depth the the pendant. Basically, you are using black or a darker shade of your base color to shade the pendant. Using a wet cotton swab, wipe away any paint that you may have gotten on the cabochon. This is the final hw. How to make dragon eyes a length of wire somewhere that you can place a can of polyurethane under it without it spilling.

    Then, string the wire from the loop you made on your pendant and dip the pendant into the polyurethane. Next, use a Popsicle stick to wipe away the eyfs that forms at the bottom of the pendant. Then just let it hang where it is to dry! The polyurethane will protect the pendant and drayon it a lovely shine! I hope it turned out wonderfully and that you had fun making now. Thanks for reading! Reply 7 years ago on How to fix self closing drawers. Lovely tutorial.

    I'm incredibly excited to try this out. You should definitely consider constructing an entire dragon - you already have some eyes, what else is there really? I'm ees you liked it! I've never had an issue with them falling out. I would mae suggest making sure it is super tight when you put it in.

    In the past I've found that making at least one bend in the wire before covering helps make it more secure. For a different sort of effect on the scales, you could leave the clay smooth, then use a mesh mask for large objects, you might use fishnet stocking material when you paint it. I'm ddragon sure what would be ideal for something on this size scale, but it might be worth trying.

    Very nicely done! More by the author:. Participated in the Jewelry Contest View Contest. Did you make this project?

    Introduction: How to Make a Dragon Eye Pendant

    Jun 5, - Explore Debbie Lake's board "how to make Dragon Eyes" on Pinterest. See more ideas about dragon eye, dragon crafts, dragon.7 pins. Bake for 15 min on degrees. I say 15 minutes because I spread my clay pretty thin if you have a bigger clay eye or if it measures 1/2 inch thick, then bake for 30 minutes. Then display your dragon eye and when anyone asks, make up an incredible story about how you met a dragon, killed it, stole it's treasure and left with it's eyeball!

    Being the crafty dragon means actually posting plenty of dragon themed crafts. Therefore, here is the first of the two promised tutorials.

    These are the clay dragon eyes. You can use them for several different things, the first being LARP. That is what I originally made them for. I am going to use them as charms in my upcoming game. The second is necklaces. I don't know a whole lot about jewelry but I do know there are some tools you can use to make a loop to thread it through.

    The last thing I can think of is going to show up in my next instructable. So I'm going to keep that a secret until I post it. I included the extra photos to show you the different styles of eye you can paint. The red one I did two white eyeshine spots and combined gold and black.

    The brown one I painted a larger pupil and did color around that. I'm going to show you a totally different style than these two. First, paint the pupil with black. You may need two coats depending on the paint brand. Make sure the pupil doesn't cover too much space width wise or height wise. Then paint whatever colors you want around it. First make a circle of clay and smoosh it flat.

    Place the half marble in and fold the clay around it in the shape of a candy wrapper. It's kinda hard to explain in words. Cut off the excess clay with some scissors. Take a lighter color clay and make tiny little circles and smoosh these into the clay around the eyes.

    I did smaller scales on the bottom and larger scales on the top. Bake for 15 min on degrees. Then display your dragon eye and when anyone asks, make up an incredible story about how you met a dragon, killed it, stole it's treasure and left with it's eyeball! Introduction: Clay Dragon Eyes. By pingthedragon Crafty Dragon Follow. More by the author:. About: Hey there! My name is Ping the Crafty Dragon.

    I love love love making things and making people smile! More About pingthedragon . For this project you will need: Half marbles Acrylic paint Oven bake sculpey clay Imagination : I included the extra photos to show you the different styles of eye you can paint. Thanks for reading! Fangs and fire, Crafty Dragon and her adorable, wonderful sidekick Ping! Did you make this project? Share it with us!

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