How to breed your rabbits

    how to breed your rabbits

    Breeding Rabbits Is Not As Easy As You Think!

    Oct 01,  · The Rabbit Breeding Process 1. Sexing Rabbits Sexing rabbits is not an easy task, but it can be learned with some practice. It’s challenging to 2. Mating Your Rabbits Once you have placed the doe in the buck’s cage, the breeding process will begin. The two rabbits 3. . Aug 10,  · Preparing to Breed Rabbits 1. Decide why you want to breed rabbits. Breeding rabbits is a huge responsibility that takes time, commitment, and 2. Research available rabbit breeds. There are a wide variety of rabbit breeds available to home breeders. 3. Choose the right rabbits to breed. The breed 89%().

    Over the last few centuries, rabbits have been domesticated and bred to be the adorable and friendly pets we have today. Of course, all rabbits are unique and have their own personality, but it can be fun to learn about what kind of breed the rabbit you adopted is.

    To determine the breed of your rabbit, you need to pay close attention to their body shape, the size of the rabbit, the set of their ears, and the overall coloring. Many have not been bred or are the accidental children of two different breeds of rabbits all the different breeds of domestic rabbit are the same species.

    The American Fuzzy Lop was first recognized as a breed in They were bred rabbirs the American coasts from Holland Lop and French Angora rabbits to get a long, wooly coat on a compact rabbit. These little buns can be a variety of fun colors, including a mix of colors, with darker ears and markings around their eyes and nose.

    American Fuzzy Lop rabbits get their temperament from their Holland Lop cousins. These small bunnies are generally very energetic and friendly rabbits that are very social and happy to play, making them great family pets.

    Britannia Petite rabbits are one of the smallest recognized breeds. They are ragbits from the English Polish rabbits and were bred to be show rabbits and have a more refined bone structure. These tiny rabbits have and elegant arched body shape, with big bug eyes and relatively short ears. Britannia Petite rabbits are most well known for being white with red eyes, but they have also been bred to have blue eyes and have different colored coats.

    Britannia Petite rabbits can be incredibly energetic and therefore a little more difficult to handle than other small rabbit breeds. They need a lot of time to exercise and are less brerd to enjoy sitting still and cuddling.

    Dwarf Hotot rabbits were first bred in Germany by combining the original Hotot with the Netherland Dwarf. These small rabbits are known for being stark white with fancy, black eyeliner eyes. They have a compact face and rounded body with cute, short ears. Dwarf Hotot rabbits are generally more docile and less energetic than other breeds of rabbit.

    Gow can be great pets that even enjoy sitting on your lap while being how to concrete counter tops. The Himalayan rabbit breed is so old uour their origins have been mostly lost in history.

    Himalayan rabbits are known for their soft white fur with dark colored markings on their feet, nose and ears. These rabbits usually have red eyes also. Himalayan rabbits are known for being one of what is a homestead exemption in georgia most gentle and patient small breeds of rabbit.

    They rarely get territorial toward humans, and are not particularly active. Because of their small size and calm demeanor, Himalayand rabbits are often relatively easy to handle and make calm companion pets.

    Holland Lops are one of the most popular breeds of rabbit. They were bred in the Netherlands as one of the first dwarf lop breeds. They have a thick body type with thick and fluffy fur. Their face is compact with ears that flop down around their heads. These rabbits are bred in a very large variety of colors, including coats that are one color or patches of colors. Holland lops are known to be a very friendly and active breed of rabbit. The males, especially, tend to be very social and outgoing.

    This makes them great companion pets that are a fun addition to the family. They have a thick, wooly coat and short ears. Their coats can be all kinds of different colors and their eyes can be typical dark colored, or even blue or red. Jersey Wooly rabbits are one of the most gentle and patient rabbits.

    They can make great companion pets because of their willingness to be handled and cuddled. The Lionhead rabbit was originally bred in Belgium as the result of a genetic mutation that caused woolly fur to grow only around the head and back feet. Lionhead rabbits breeed not officially recognized as a breed of rabbits in the United States until very recently, in These little rabbits tend to be very energetic bunnies.

    They will be very playful and like to zoom around the room. They also tend to be sweet natured rabbits, and while they might not sit still for long periods of time, they are unlikely to how to build a garden studio from scratch out when they are being handled. Mini Rex rabbits were first bred in Texas to how to breed your rabbits a small version of the large 9 lb Rex rabbits.

    These rabbits have a soft, velveteen coat that is characteristic of Rex rabbits. They have a short neck with strong shoulders, and they can come in pretty much any color coat. Mini Rex rabbits generally have very calm demeanors while also being social rabbits. They can great personalities for family pets.

    These little rabbits are also great for people with allergies since they are one of the most hypoallergenic pets you can get. They have short coats that produce very little dander. Mini Satin rabbits went through a number of false starts, but were finally recognized in as an official rabbit breed.

    Satin rabbits are known for having very shiny coats. Originally they were bred to be white rabbits, but they have since been recognized with 16 color varieties. Mini Satin rabbits can be very skittish. While not necessarily youd, they how to spray an apple tree be yokr to nip when they are scared. Since this is a relatively new breed or rabbit, breeders are still working to improve the demeanor of Mini Satin rabbits to make them better for family pets.

    Their coats can be almost any color, and they are characterized by large eyes and small ears. Netherland Dwarfs tend to be a little more skittish than other small rabbits. They are naturally shy and tend to hide away from humans. However, if these rabbits are socialized with humans at a young age, they can be happy, energetic rabbits to have in the family.

    Polish rabbits are from England and were likely bred from Dutch and Himalayan rabbits back in the 17th century. These rabbits are known for being small with a short head and short ears. The coat color of Polish rabbits is limited and includes white with red or blue eyes, black, blue, chocolate, or mixed. How to breed your rabbits a longer history of domestication, these rabbits tend to be more docile than other breeds.

    They are generally affectionate and calm, and may even be tolerant of what do medicare advantage plans cost picked up and cuddled. Polish rabbits also tend to be one of the easiest breeds to train.

    Belgian Hare rabbits were bred with wild rabbits in Eastern What gauge chain link fence should i use. They have a very distinct silhouette, with a face shape and body structure that resembles a hare.

    Their coats are a rust brown color rabbitw a lighter colored underbelly. Belgian Hare rabbits are one of the most high maintenance rabbit brewd. They are very energetic and require a lot of attention since they can easily get nervous and hurt themselves. While Belgian Hares can be kept as family pets, they are mostly raised as elegant show rabbits. Dutch rabbits have a long history. They were originally bred in Holland from rabbits that were raised for meat. Dutch rabbits are relatively small and will have a dark mask rabbitw their face and a dark backside of their body.

    They have broad ears and long back legs. Dutch rabbits are still one of the most well known and popular rabbit breeds. They are generally very energetic and social, and can be easily trained. Originating from Turkey, English Angora rabbits are the smallest Angora breed.

    They have very long, woolly fur, even on their faces and ears. Their thick and silky fur can get so long that they look like big puff balls of fur. While white is most common, English Angoras can come with many different colored coats. English Angora rabbits are often calm and docile rabbits that will easily bond with people. They are a running breed, and are youe of the few breeds that are shown ohw moving on the show table rather than posing.

    English spots will have markings on their nose, eyes, cheeks, ears and a stripe down their back. They will what is a katydid cookie have a random assortment of spots along their sides. Because English Spot rabbits have been bred for a long time as show rabbits, they are usually more easily handled than other breeds.

    They can be very gentle and affectionate, making them great companion pets. Florida White rabbits were originally bred in Florida to be small versions of New Zealand rabbits for use in laboratories.

    They have since become a popular pet rabbit and even frequently win Best in Show at conventions around the US. Florida White rabbits are white with red eyes. Most of the time, they will have uppity ears, but occasionally one or both of their ears will droop a little.

    Florida White rabbits were bred to be easy for laboratory staff to handle, so they are typically sweet and calm. Harlequin rabbits were first bred how much does it cost to move to the usa France and have very unique markings.

    These rabbits will have a split in color running down the middle of their ro and will have alternating colors on their ears rwbbits feet. They will also have bands or bars running along their body. Harlequin rabbits tend to be very rabbita and curious.

    They can be great social pets, but also have the tendency to be troublemakers and may require extra supervision. Havana rabbits were first bred in Holland as a genetic mutation from a Dutch litter, resulting in a deep brown rabbit.

    How to breed rabbits

    There are a few stipulations you’ll want to consider if you choose to breed rabbits for more pets. One is that rabbits like to procreate. So, if you only want one litter of rabbits, then you will need to either separate original two adult rabbits, or you will have to have at least one of them spayed or neutered. Rabbit breeding schedules are usually based on 7-day intervals for ease in recordkeeping. Many commercial rabbit producers will breed does back 14 to 21 days after kindling. A day breed-back schedule is recommended. You can shorten the interval between kindling and breeding . Here’s how to start breeding your rabbits, and some of the reasons why it might not be working. Breeding Rabbits Is Pretty Straightforward. When you want to breed your rabbits, put the female into the males cage. If the rabbits are housed separately, you ALWAYS bring the female to the male. Females can be really territorial and may attack the male instead of breeding. The two rabbits will probably run around .

    In this post, you will learn precisely how to determine what breed is your rabbit merely by observing their appearance. Every rabbit breed has its unique characteristics. Commonly rabbit breeds are distinguished by their appearance. Today, determining the breed of dogs is very easy. Nevertheless, In current days there are no existing DNA tests available for rabbits. A giant rabbit can grow bigger than six pounds. However, some people like to keep giant breed rabbits as pets.

    On the contrary, a more typical house rabbit weighs between four to six pounds. They are in the standard category of rabbits. Dwarf breeds of rabbits are adorable and weigh between two to four pounds. If your rabbits are small and weigh less than four pounds, then probably your pet rabbits are one of these breeds:.

    Usually, we see rabbits with two different kinds of ears. Looking at rabbits with loppy ears or not, we can figure out what the rabbits breed is. Rabbits that have their long ears dangling on the side are a different breed from rabbits that have ears erected and pointing upwards. Whenever we think of rabbits, we imagine a fluffy animal with long ears that is standing straight. Rabbit breeds that have erect ears pointing towards the roof of your living room are also the most widespread rabbit in domestic households.

    Contrary to lopped ear rabbits, there are 37 breeds of erect eared rabbits, whereas only five breeds of lop-eared rabbits have recognition. To determine the breed of such rabbits with stand up ears, you have to look into other factors as well. The third type of rabbit ear is semi lopped ears. Semi lopped ears are common for Angora rabbit breeds. So any rabbit that has a long coat of hair and semi lopped ears, they belong to the angora rabbit breed.

    However, if your pet rabbit has partially lopped ears and has a short fur coat, then it is not an angora breed of rabbit. Determining the breed of pet rabbits can take some time, and become confusing for many rabbit guardians. If you are still confused about your rabbits breed, then continue reading. Something I have explained later, which may help you find out your pet rabbits breed.

    Most of the rabbits have soft and short fur. Thirty-seven of the recognized rabbits breeds have soft and short hair. The three types of fur coat of a pet rabbit that can almost immediately determine the breed of rabbits are:. To determine what kind of fur coat your pet rabbit has, you will have to stroke your rabbits from tail to head. After doing so, flyback fur will immediately return to its original position after a stroke backward.

    Now, to determine the other breed of rabbits with rollback fur, you will have to stroke your pet rabbit the same way. After you stroke your rabbit from tail to head, the rabbit fur will return to its original position but noticeably slower than a flyback fur. The silver fox breed of rabbit has the third type of fur. They have the standing coat of fur. The standing coat of fur remains in a fixed position towards the direction of stroke.

    They do not return to their prior position without further stroke. This breed of rabbit is not very common. Angora rabbit breeds have long, soft and wooly kind of hair.

    Once you determine you have angora rabbits, you have to look deep into the rabbits to distinguish between several breeds of angora rabbits.

    Common breed of angora rabbits are:. Lastly, I want to tell you about satin fur coats. This type of fur coat rabbit breeds are not so common. Have this kind of fur coat. This kind of rabbit has fur that creates a shining effect due to the translucent and reflective qualities of the fur coat.

    My first pet rabbit was a rex rabbit. It had a short, dense, and super soft fur coat. If your rabbit has such a fluffy fur coat, it is likely a rex rabbit or a mini rex rabbit. Semi arch body types: This breed of rabbits has a long body and an arch that reaches its peak at the hip area of rabbits. Examples of semi arch rabbits are:. Compact rabbit breeds: Rabbit breeds that have a less slope around the arch of their back belong to this rabbit family. Examples of this breed of rabbits are:.

    Commercial body type rabbits: Most domestic rabbits belong to this group of rabbits. Commercial breeds of rabbits have short, low, round bodies and a bit longer than compact body type rabbits. Examples of this rabbit breeds are:. Cylindrical body type: This type of rabbits are long and narrow in shape. Their tubular body shape influenced the name of this breed of rabbit. There is only one rabbit that belongs to this breed:.

    Full arch: There are not many rabbits that have a full arch in their back. A full arched rabbit has a curve that begins further down the back. These types of rabbits have long limbs and a visible bend in their belly area. Rabbits that belong in the full arch rabbit breed are:. After all, the family of rabbits must not determine how you take care of your pet rabbits. All pet rabbits deserve the same amount of care and love from their guardian regardless of their breed.

    Sometimes, you will notice a pet rabbit has a typical appearance from two different breeds. In this case, you can say your rabbit is a crossbreed. Many times different breeds of rabbits mate and the babies have similar appearances of two different breeds. It may not be easy for you to figure out what is the exact breed of your rabbit.

    Is there anywhere where I can send pictures of my rabbit and get a breed estimation. She is part Sable, but I can not determine what else. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

    Rabbit Scout also participates in affiliate programs. WordPress Di Blog Theme. Rabbit types. Let me guide you to determine. Assuming you own a couple of pet rabbits, and cannot determine the breed of your pet rabbits. It is easy to recognize the breed of pet rabbits or at least guess the breed of their ancestors. Thus the only way to recognize what breed a rabbit is by their appearance. If not accurately, but at least we can guess which breeds are your rabbits relatives.

    Can ears of a rabbit determine their breed? Fur coats of rabbits can determine their breeds too. Different rabbit breeds have different body types and shapes. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

    Can different rabbit breeds mate? What are the best breeds of rabbits for first-time owners? Recent Posts What are the best breeds of rabbits for first-time owners? How do rabbits protect themselves from predators? Consequences of separating bonded rabbits. How to tell how old a rabbit is? Introducing a baby rabbit to an older rabbit.

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