How do you erase an ipod touch

    how do you erase an ipod touch

    Solved: How to Reset an iPod Touch without iTunes?

    Jun 07,  · How to erase your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch If you also need to erase your Apple Watch, you can use these steps to unpair your devices. Tap Settings > General > Reset Then tap Erase All Content and Settings. Sep 12,  · The first way to erase iPod Touch is using a professional software. iMyFone is the right tool that can erase various iOS data on iPod Touch, both erasing all data and erasing just some files are accessibile. And you really need it if you want a tool that can .

    Running into problems with your iPod Touch? You might click on music and refused to open up, or it might just be that you could not download some media from the computer to the iPod Touch. Whatever the reason, you might need to reset iPod touch so that you keep enjoying it. If you want to reset your iPod without iTunes, what steps should you take? Let us look at the methods below. Keep holding it down until the iPod touch shuts off and begins to restart.

    Once you see the Apple logo, release the buttons. It is simple as that. The method above will definitely reset your iPod, and it is possible to recover your music and other contents through back up. There are times when you want to reset your iPod touch and delete your music and other contents permanently from your iPod for privacy protection or other issues. How can you do this? Umate pro is the software that helps to erase iOS data permanently, the erased data won't be recovered by any data recovery tool.

    Step 2: Choose the erase mode according to your need. If your iPod Touch is disabled, there is another way to reset it. Product-related questions? Tata Davis September 12, Updated: April 7, Erase Deleted Files: This gives you the option to erase permanently the previously deleted files. Any content deleted with this mode cannot be recovered, even with latest recovery tools.

    Erase Private Data: This is another option you can use if you want to how to charge your iphone 5c without a charger a particular file. Erase All Data: It helps to erase all data completely from your iPod, just like the iPod touch reset.

    This feature should be applied if you want to give the iPod out or sell it. Unlock Apple ID without iCloud account and password. Supports unlocking iDevices which are disabled, locked, or with a broken screen.

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    Tap Settings > General > Reset

    Method #3: Erase iPod Data with Professional iPod Data Eraser. If you are selling or donating your iPod then you must take one step further and find a way to delete everything from your device permanently so that no data recovery tool can retrieve these deleted files at all. SafeWiper Data Eraser is a professional and efficient data erasing. May 12,  · If you have a PC running Microsoft Windows, then read the next paragraph. Select your iPod in the Disk Utility window and press the Repair button Then press the Erase button to erase iPod’s hard drive and select Extended Journaled as the format type. Erase iPod: Mac Disk Utility App. Dec 11,  · Here video shows how to erase everything on an ipod touch. You don't even need to hook it up to a computer.

    Bought a new iPod and want to get rid of the older one now? The best way to get rid of your old iPods is to either sell them or give it away to anyone less fortunate. However, selling or donating an iPod requires taking certain measure of precautions like erasing all the data from your iPod, reset all the settings and erase all private personal stuff permanently. Simply select all the files and hit the delete button and you are done. Well, if you think a basic deletion can erase all the files from your iPod permanently then you are surely mistaken.

    Certainly, those files are removed from your iPod but did you know they are still stored in the cache memory of your device and can be easily recovered with any iPod data recovery software? Step 4. A small pop up window will appear, select "Restore" again to erase everything from your iPod. Don't miss: How to Delete Everything from iPhone. Factory resetting iPod simply implies that your iPod will go back to the state when you first bought it. Every contents and settings will be set back to the default state and your iPod should be clean as new.

    Finally, your iPod will be automatically restarted and you should observe everything is deleted from your iPod. Again, the removed files can be retrieved easily by using any data recovery tool.

    If you are selling or donating your iPod then you must take one step further and find a way to delete everything from your device permanently so that no data recovery tool can retrieve these deleted files at all. SafeWiper Data Eraser is a professional and efficient data erasing tool that can delete and wipe out your iPod with a single click. This tool uses powerful algorithms to make sure these deleted files can never be restored again. Moreover, it works with every Apple device including iPhone and iPad.

    Download the compatible version of this software on your respective computer and install it by finishing the setup wizard. Next, launch the software to see its attractive user interface and move on to the next step. The iPod should now appear on the main screen of the tool. Note : Make sure iTunes is already installed , or the software won't detect your iPhone. Since, you want to remove everything from your iPod, choose "Clear all data" option and hit the "Scan" button to analyze your entire iPod.

    This thoroughly monitor all the data loaded in your iPod. Once the scanning is finished, the software will let you preview everything on your iPod.

    Navigate through each and every folder and select the files that you wish to remove from your iPod permanently. When you are done selecting the files, click on "Erase Now" to permanently delete them from your device. In this tutorial, we have showed 3 ways to clear data from your iPod and honestly, the first 2 methods should be applied only on personal iPods which are not for sale. But if you want to hand out the iPod to anyone then you must use a professional data erasing tool like SafeWipe iPhone Data Eraser to permanently remove everything from your iPod.

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